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Dublin-New York portal utilized for indecent exposure and vulgar language



Dublin and New York recently set up a ‘portal’ to connect the two cities and promote unity. However, the livestream had to be temporarily switched off due to inappropriate behavior from viewers. OnlyFans model Ava Louise posted a video showing her breasts, and others showed footage of the 9/11 attacks and engaged in lewd behavior. Dublin City Council is working on technical solutions to address these issues.

The portal was created to foster connections between people across borders and provide a unique way to interact with others around the world. It was launched in Dublin as part of the city’s designation as the European City of Smart Tourism 2024. The portal has been well-received by Dublin locals who have had some interesting encounters with people in New York through the portal.

Despite some inappropriate incidents, many heartwarming moments have also been captured through the portal. People have used it to connect with loved ones, share phone numbers, and simply enjoy the experience of communicating with others from different parts of the world. The makers of the portal have expressed their gratitude for the positive reactions and emphasized that the purpose of the portal is to promote human connection and allow people to draw their own interpretations of the experience.

The portal can be found in Dublin on O’Connell Street and in New York on Flatiron South Public Plaza. Other portals are also available in Lublin, Poland, and Vilnius, Lithuania. The portal will remain active until autumn, giving visitors and locals the opportunity to engage with others from different cities and countries. Despite the initial challenges with inappropriate behavior, the portal has shown the power of human connection and the potential for building bridges between communities worldwide.

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