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Eleven or more dead in US tornadoes and storms



Tornadoes and storms have wreaked havoc across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, leaving at least 11 people dead, including two children. The devastation began in Cooke County, Texas, where seven deaths were reported after a tornado tore through a rural area near a mobile home park. In Oklahoma, two people lost their lives in Mayes County, while northern Arkansas also reported two deaths from the storms. The destruction left behind is severe, with homes obliterated and a truck stop destroyed where drivers sought shelter.

Residents in the impacted areas described harrowing experiences of surviving the storms. Hugo Parra from Farmers Branch recounted riding out the storm with dozens of others in a petrol station bathroom, barely escaping the wind’s wrath. Multiple people were transported to hospitals in Denton County, Texas, following the storms, but the full extent of injuries is still unknown. However, no serious injuries were reported at the truck stop in Sanger where 60 to 80 people sought shelter during the storm.

The storms also caused damage at an outdoor wedding in Oklahoma, injuring guests. Power outages affected around 375,000 people across Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. Meteorologists and authorities issued urgent warnings for people to seek cover as the storms passed through the region overnight. Despite the devastation, Texas authorities remain resilient, with the National Weather Service stating that the threat has diminished, and the state will rebuild as it always has.

The month of April and May has been active for tornadoes, especially in the Midwest. Iowa recently experienced a deadly twister that laid waste to Greenfield, along with other storms causing flooding and wind damage in various parts of the state. The Great Plains region is still under threat of severe weather, with tornado alerts in effect in many areas. However, in Texas, where the storms originated, the National Weather Service has indicated that the threat has lessened, giving hope to those affected by the destruction.

The impact of the recent storms serves as a somber reminder of the destructive power of nature and the importance of being prepared for severe weather events. With climate change exacerbating extreme weather patterns, it is crucial for communities to have emergency plans in place and to heed warnings from meteorologists and authorities. Despite the devastation and loss of life, the resilience and unity shown by affected communities highlight the strength and spirit of the human resolve in the face of natural disasters. As the affected regions begin the long process of recovery and rebuilding, support and assistance from neighboring areas and relief organizations will be crucial in helping them overcome this tragedy.

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