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‘Elite Cattle’: Record-breaking Auction Sees Heavy Cow Closest to Perfection Fetching Millions



A Brazilian cow named Viatina-19 FIV Mara Movéis recently made headlines after being sold at an auction for over $4 million, breaking previous records by more than three times. Weighing in at an impressive 2,400 pounds, she is twice the weight of an average adult of her breed. Viatina-19 is a prime example of Brazil’s efforts to breed larger, meatier cows to meet the growing demand for beef in the country.

The record-breaking sale of Viatina-19 took place in Arandú, São Paulo, Brazil, where she fetched a staggering $4.38 million. Prize-winning cows like Viatina-19 are highly sought after at auctions, with wealthy ranchers often going in on joint ownership. These elite animals are not meant for slaughter but rather for breeding, with their eggs and semen extracted to create embryos that are then implanted in surrogate cows in the hopes of producing future champions.

Viatina-19’s impressive price tag is attributed to her rapid muscle growth, fertility, and track record of passing on these desirable characteristics to her offspring. Breeders also place a premium on factors such as posture, hoof solidity, docility, maternal ability, and beauty when selecting elite cattle for breeding. Those looking to enhance their livestock’s genetics are willing to pay around $250,000 for the chance to collect Viatina-19’s egg cells due to her near-perfect combination of traits.

Despite receiving special treatment to boost egg cell production, Viatina-19 is said to thrive in a pasture setting, like almost all of Pereira’s elite cattle. Currently, Viatina-19 is pregnant, and her owner, Ney Pereira, is exploring opportunities to expand her genetic line. The cow’s egg cells have already been sold to buyers in Bolivia, and Pereira has ambitions to export her genetics to other countries such as the United Arab Emirates, India, and the US.

In conclusion, Viatina-19 exemplifies the pinnacle of cattle breeding in Brazil, fetching a record-breaking price at auction for her exceptional qualities and potential to produce the next generation of elite cattle. With her impressive lineage and desirable traits, she is poised to make an impact on the global beef industry, as her genetics are sought after by breeders in various countries. As Brazil continues to focus on breeding meatier cows to meet the rising demand for beef, the story of Viatina-19 serves as a testament to the country’s commitment to innovation and excellence in livestock production.

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