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Emotional Tribute from Grayson Murray’s Caddie to ‘Brother’: ‘Would do Anything for Anyone’



The golfing community is mourning the loss of PGA Tour star Grayson Murray, who tragically died by suicide. Murray’s caddie, Jay Green, penned a heartfelt tribute to his friend on Instagram, describing him as “the very best” and expressing his deep love and admiration for him. Green also spoke to Golf Channel about Murray’s selfless personality, emphasizing his generosity and thoughtfulness towards others.

Murray’s swing coach, Ted Kiegel, also shared a poignant tribute to the golfer, calling him family and expressing his devastation over the loss. Despite the tragic news, Murray’s family requested that play continue at the Charles Schwab Challenge, with players wearing red and black ribbons on their hats in honor of Murray. The ribbons paid homage to Murray’s Sunday attire that always included Carolina Hurricanes colors, representing his hometown team.

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan offered condolences to Murray’s family and proposed pausing play at the tournament in order to mourn Murray’s passing. However, Murray’s parents decided that play should continue, expressing their gratitude for the outpouring of support from the golf community and the world at large. They acknowledged the love that Murray received from his family, friends, fellow players, and fans, stating that he will be deeply missed.

Murray’s parents reflected on their son’s life, acknowledging the challenges he faced but emphasizing that he was loved by many. They expressed their thanks to the PGA Tour and the entire golfing world for the support they have received during this difficult time. Murray’s family is coming to terms with his passing and finding solace in the knowledge that he is now at peace. The golfing community is united in grief over the loss of a talented and beloved player, emphasizing the deep bonds that exist between golfers and their support teams.

The relationship between a golfer and their caddie is more than just a professional partnership; it often evolves into a close friendship built on trust and camaraderie. Murray and Green shared a special bond that extended beyond the golf course, with Green describing Murray as an incredible boss and an even better friend. Murray’s impact on those around him was profound, as evidenced by the outpouring of tributes and support from his fellow players, coaches, and fans.

As the golfing world mourns the loss of Grayson Murray, they are reminded of the importance of mental health and supporting those who may be struggling. The tragic loss of a bright star like Murray serves as a reminder to check in on loved ones, offer support and kindness, and reach out for help when needed. The legacy of Murray’s talent and kindness will live on in the memories of those who knew and loved him, underscoring the fragile nature of life and the importance of reaching out for help in times of need.

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