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European music festivals are half the cost of those in the UK



Escape the UK’s muddy and expensive festivals for cheaper alternatives in Europe this summer. According to experts at Loveholidays, European festival tickets can be more than 50 per cent cheaper than their UK counterparts. This means that for the price of a Glastonbury ticket, you could be enjoying a picnic on a Spanish beach before dancing to your favorite artists at a European festival.

In Spain, Benicàssim is a popular choice for festival-goers looking for a mix of art, pop, electronic, and rock music on the Valencian coast. With tickets starting at €46.50 (£40) and total costs including flights and accommodation estimated at €358.50 (£309), it’s a budget-friendly option compared to UK festivals. Another option in Spain is Primavera Sound in Barcelona, offering a diverse lineup on the waterfront with tickets starting at €295 (£254).

France also offers some affordable festival options this summer. Bout du Monde in Crozon, Brittany, provides a family-friendly atmosphere with tickets priced at €70 (£60). With total costs estimated at €226.50 (£195.50), it’s a great value for a long weekend of music and entertainment. Lyon’s Nuit Sonores festival offers savings as well, with day tickets from €32 (£28) and total holiday costs from €261 (£225).

For those looking to visit Portugal this summer, Porto is a great destination for affordable festivals. Paredes de Coura offers camping near Praia do Taboão’s river beach with tickets starting at €110. NOS Primavera Sound in Porto also provides a relaxed alternative to its Barcelona counterpart, with tickets starting from €175 and an impressive lineup featuring artists like Lana Del Ray and SZA.

Overall, European festivals offer a cost-effective alternative to UK events this summer. With cheaper ticket prices, affordable travel and accommodation options, and diverse lineups in beautiful locations, these festivals provide a unique and budget-friendly summer experience for music lovers. So why not consider escaping the UK’s muddy festivals and exploring the vibrant and exciting festival scene across Europe this summer?

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