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Everson Griffen, four-time Pro Bowler, arrested in Minneapolis on DUI and cocaine possession charges



Former Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Everson Griffen found himself in trouble with the law once again after being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and cocaine possession in Minneapolis. Griffen, 36, was pulled over for speeding in his Bentley Bentayga and was found with alcohol in his car and a small amount of cocaine on his person. He faces multiple charges related to his arrest and is set to appear in court on June 13.

This is not the first time Griffen has been in trouble for similar offenses. Less than a year ago, he pleaded guilty to a careless driving charge after a DUI incident led to probation. Since then, he has been involved in multiple traffic violations, including crashing his vehicle and driving well over the speed limit. Despite these incidents, Griffen had a successful NFL career, earning four Pro Bowl appearances and accumulating over 85 sacks and 403 tackles in his 12-year tenure with the Vikings.

Griffen has also faced mental health challenges throughout his career. In 2021, he called 911 claiming intruders were trying to enter his home and posted videos to social media showing a gun. Following a standoff with police, Griffen eventually sought help at a health care facility. In 2018, he underwent a mental health evaluation after making threats at a hotel. Griffen later revealed he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in December 2021.

Despite his struggles off the field, Griffen was a key player for the Vikings during his time with the team. He was known for his pass rushing abilities and was a leader on the defensive line. However, his off-field issues eventually led to his departure from the team. Griffen’s latest arrest adds to a troubling pattern of behavior that has overshadowed his accomplishments on the field.

It remains to be seen how Griffen’s latest legal troubles will impact his future in football. With a court date approaching, he could face consequences from the legal system and potentially from the NFL. Hopefully, Griffen can get the help he needs to address his issues and move forward in a positive direction. Time will tell what comes next for the former NFL star, but it is clear that he is facing significant challenges in his personal life.

In conclusion, Everson Griffen’s recent arrest for DUI and drug possession is just the latest in a series of legal troubles for the former NFL player. Despite his success on the field, Griffen has faced struggles with mental health and off-field behavior that have overshadowed his accomplishments. As he navigates this latest setback, it is important for Griffen to seek help and support to address these issues and move forward in a positive direction. Only time will tell what the future holds for Griffen, but it is clear that he faces significant challenges in his personal life that need to be addressed.

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