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Ex-YouTube Employee Reveals How To Edit Viral Videos



After working at YouTube and Instagram for 8 years, getting 300M+ views, and interviewing creators like @MrBeast, @mkbhd, and @dudeperfect, I want to share my 7 best editing tips to level up your videos too. Thanks to Uscreen for sponsoring:

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0:00 – 0:24 Intro
0:24 – 2:07 Tip 1
2:07 – 3:21 Tip 2
3:21- 4:17 Tip 3
4:17 – 5:21 Tip 4
5:21 – 6:35 Tip 5
6:35 – 7:29 Tip 6
7:29 – 9:48 Tip 7


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One of few marketers to work at both YouTube and Instagram, Jon Youshaei has been featured in Business Insider, Time, and Inc Magazine and known as the “Creators’ Creator”


During five years at YouTube, Jon was Head of Creator Product Marketing where he worked with YouTube’s top creators and brands to grow their audience and their incomes. During three years at Instagram, Jon helped build their creator team to empower even more creators to grow and monetize.

Now a creator himself, Jon has garnered 700K+ followers, 300M+ views, and has interviewed Logan Paul, Paris Hilton, Terry Crews, Charli D’Amelio, Danny Duncan, Mark Rober, and more. He’s been sponsored by top brands like American Express, HubSpot, Fiverr, and Microsoft.

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