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Expecting Iskra Lawrence Criticizes ‘Obsessive’ Trolls Who Criticized Her Bikini Body



Iskra Lawrence, a 33-year-old model, is standing up against negative comments about her pregnant body. After walking the runway at Miami Swim Week while six months pregnant, Lawrence was subjected to criticism from online trolls. She took to Instagram to share screenshots of the hurtful comments and called out the haters for body shaming a pregnant woman. Lawrence encouraged her fans to clap back at the trolls and thanked them for being so obsessed with her.

At the Miami Swim Week event, Lawrence showcased her growing belly in vibrant swimsuits, smiling and cradling her bump as fans cheered her on. The model announced her pregnancy in April with a series of photos featuring herself, partner Philip Payne, and their 4-year-old son, Alpha. Lawrence expressed her joy at finally achieving her dream of expanding her family after facing months of negative pregnancy tests. She shared a video of herself crying tears of happiness upon seeing the positive test results, aiming to comfort others who may be struggling with infertility.

In a follow-up post, Lawrence revealed that she is expecting a baby girl, adding to the joy of her growing family. Despite the online criticism, Lawrence remains proud of her pregnant body and is grateful for the support she has received from fans. By sharing her fertility journey and personal experiences, Lawrence hopes to raise awareness about the challenges that many women face when trying to conceive.

As a successful model and influencer, Iskra Lawrence has used her platform to promote body positivity and self-love. She has been a vocal advocate for embracing all body types and challenging societal beauty standards. By confidently walking the runway during Miami Swim Week while pregnant, Lawrence sends a powerful message of empowerment and self-acceptance to women everywhere.

Despite facing negativity and criticism online, Iskra Lawrence remains a beacon of strength and resilience. Her determination to stand up against body shamers and spread messages of positivity and acceptance reflects the importance of self-love and confidence. As she prepares to welcome a new baby into her family, Lawrence continues to inspire others with her courage and authenticity. Through her actions and words, Lawrence reminds us all to celebrate our bodies and embrace our uniqueness.

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