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Expedia and Beauty Stock are among Wall Street’s Most Oversold Names. Here are the Others.



As the S&P 500 touts its third straight winning week with a 1.8% advance, certain individual stocks have experienced a sharp decline and are considered oversold. By using the CNBC Pro Stock Screener tool, stocks with a 14-day RSI lower than 30 fall under oversold territory and may be due for a rebound in the future. Some of the most oversold names include Expedia and Ulta. Expedia, which reported lower guidance for the full year, has a 14-day RSI reading of about 26. Ulta, on the other hand, has lost nearly 24% in the current quarter due to increased competition and has a 14-day RSI of 29. Despite these oversold conditions, analysts are still bullish on both stocks.

On the other hand, CNBC also found some S&P 500 stocks that are overbought and may see a pullback in the near future. Defense tech company Leidos Holdings is the most overbought name on the list with a 14-day RSI reading of 83.069. Analysts have a buy rating on the stock, but the consensus price target suggests shares may only have 7.7% upside from their current levels. NextEra Energy and Garmin are two other stocks that analysts believe could experience a pullback soon. Despite their recent gains, the consensus price targets for both stocks imply potential downside. NextEra Energy is up more than 21% year to date, while Garmin has rallied over 31% for the year.

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