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Female boxing champion Claressa Shields challenges Jake Paul to a fight, claiming he cannot defeat her.



Jake Paul and Mike Tyson’s fight has been postponed from July 20 to Nov. 15 due to a medical scare experienced by Tyson. With this delay, Paul has more time to train for the bout. However, female boxing champion Claressa Shields has thrown her hat into the ring, challenging Paul to a fight once he’s done with Tyson. Shields is confident in her abilities and believes that Paul is not a good enough boxer to beat her. She has expressed a longstanding “beef” with Paul since he called her a “loser” following a loss in her MMA debut. Shields, who currently holds several titles, commended Paul for boosting the profile of fellow female fighter Amanda Serrano.

Shields has a perfect 14-0 record in her career and holds multiple female middleweight titles. On the other hand, Paul boasts a 9-1 record with six knockouts in his professional career. Despite being defeated by Tommy Fury in a split decision in 2023, Paul has had two recent first-round knockout victories. Tyson, on the other hand, has not competed since his TKO loss to Kevin McBride in 2005. He did participate in an exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr. in July 2020. Shields is ready to take on Paul after his fight with Tyson, confident in her skills and determined to prove herself in the ring.

Shields’ challenge to Paul comes as a surprise to many, but she is adamant that she would emerge victorious in a boxing match against him. She believes that Paul does not have the same level of skill or expertise as her, and she is confident that she would come out on top. Shields has been vocal about her issues with Paul since he insulted her following a loss in her MMA debut. Despite their differences, Shields acknowledges Paul’s impact on increasing the visibility of female fighters like Amanda Serrano, who will also be on the undercard for the Paul-Tyson fight.

As the date for the Paul-Tyson fight draws near, Shields is eagerly waiting for her chance to step into the ring with Paul. With her impressive record and numerous titles, Shields is a formidable opponent for anyone, including Paul. While Paul has had recent success in his boxing career, Shields believes that she is the superior fighter and is determined to prove it. As the anticipation for the Paul-Tyson fight grows, so does the excitement surrounding the potential matchup between Shields and Paul, adding another layer of excitement to the world of boxing.

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