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Ferrari intends to continue producing V-12 engines until they are prohibited by law.



Ferrari is committed to keeping its V-12 engine alive for as long as possible, with the recent release of the 12Cilindri Coupe and Spider showcasing the 6.5-liter powerhouse. Despite many industry voices questioning the efficiency of the V-12, Ferrari remains dedicated to the engine due to its emotional appeal and performance capabilities. The company is working on new petrol solutions to ensure compliance with future regulations while still producing cars with the iconic engine.

The 12Cilindri engine can rev up to an impressive 9,500 rpm, even though it is capable of reaching 10,000 rpm. Ferrari’s decision to limit the revs was to maximize power delivery and maintain constant acceleration, showcasing the company’s commitment to engineering excellence and performance. While the V-12 may not be the most efficient engine, it continues to be a core part of Ferrari’s lineup, appealing to enthusiasts who value the emotional connection to the brand’s heritage.

Despite the commitment to the V-12 engine, Ferrari acknowledges the changing landscape of the automotive industry, with plans for electric vehicles to account for 40 percent of all deliveries by the end of the decade. The company acknowledges the importance of sustainability and is exploring the use of more sustainable fuels to prolong the lifespan of combustion engines. Other luxury brands, such as Aston Martin, are also investing in V-12 engines, with the upcoming Vanquish boasting similar power figures to Ferrari’s 12Cilindri model.

While the V-12 may face challenges in the future, Ferrari remains dedicated to keeping the engine alive for as long as possible, ensuring that enthusiasts can continue to experience the power and performance of the iconic powertrain. With plans for more sustainable fuels and alternative power sources, Ferrari aims to strike a balance between tradition and innovation to preserve its heritage while adapting to the changing automotive landscape.

As the industry shifts towards electric and hybrid powertrains, Ferrari’s commitment to the V-12 engine sets it apart from other luxury automakers, showcasing the brand’s dedication to engineering excellence and performance. By investing in new technologies and exploring sustainable fuel options, Ferrari aims to keep the V-12 engine alive for years to come, ensuring that enthusiasts can continue to enjoy the thrill and emotion of the iconic powertrain.

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