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Cogwise Is the New AI Crypto Project Providing Traders With Intelligent Insights



Those seeking the hottest pioneering cryptos should not miss Cogwise, a new artificial intelligence (AI) coin equipping traders with never-seen-before tools, processes, and technologies. 

With the prevalent AI boom continuing to capture attention, projects blurring the lines between crypto and AI are bound to cause a buzz. Cogwise is tapping into the AI revolution, providing several groundbreaking tools powered by its decentralized and permissionless $COGW token.

The presale has just launched, presenting a potentially lucrative opportunity for market participants to score big on a trailblazing project.

Cogwise has a limited presale supply of 400,000,000 $COGW, with a $15,350,000 hard cap. However, the good news is that the presale is still in its early days, having raised $154K so far. The current price is $0.02, but its exchange launch will begin at $0.06 – providing early birds with potential 3x returns.

Stay updated on its latest developments by following Cogwise on Twitter or joining the Cogwise Telegram.

AI Crypto Cogwise Rivals OpenAI With Token Economy and a Broader Use Case

Since the infamous rise of ChatGPT, its parent company, OpenAI, soared in value and is currently worth an impressive $90 billion. However, its shares are limited in functionality and transferability. 


Meanwhile, its latest blockchain-based competitor, Cogwise, provides a broader range of services, and its $COGW token presents countless benefits over OpenAI shares. For instance, they can be easily transferred and are used for staking, liquidity providing, and paying for services. Not to mention its incomparably lower market cap.

The project’s main feature is Cogwise Core. This is a conversational-based generative AI model that helps supercharge users’ productivity, assisting them in tasks like writing and debugging smart contracts, financial market analysis, research, trading, and much more.

You could look at this like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but incorporating a decentralized ERC-20 token to democratize it and bolster transparency.

However, Cogwise is more than just a decentralized ChatGPT rival. The project boasts a plethora of other tools, with one of its most anticipated being Real-Time Trading. This is an AI technical analysis tool that delivers services like chart pattern recognition and analyzing historical data,

Yet the Cogwise team does not settle there. Indeed, most projects would be happy with just one of these tools, but Cogwise also provides countless additional features like its Smart Alerts. The Smart Aleters tool is powered by advanced algorithms to track and update users on market data, large wallet transactions, and predetermined wallet data. 

Among its other tools is its Smart Contract Generator, enabling users to create smart contracts with no coding experience by describing the key features they want.

Its many features point to a promising future for the Cogwise platform, but will its $COGW token be able to capture this value? This ultimately depends on its tokenomics.

$COGW Token Utility Hints at Parabolic Upside Potential

Provided the platform has users, then the $COGW token will fare in high demand. This is because users pay for platform services with the $COGW token. Furthermore, the project offers staking and liquidity providing rewards, potentially bolstering demand further.


The team has also carefully engineered supply-side tokenomics, with a staking mechanism encouraging users to lock up tokens for passive rewards and a burning mechanism that destroys 35% of the tokens generated by the platform’s revenue.

Ultimately, these factors indicate a low supply and high demand, which, if correct, will inevitably cause the $COGW price to soar over time.

A Doxxed Team With a Proven Track Record

One of the key features of crypto is transparency. The Cogwise team understands this and is doxxed, with their experience and social media data all available on the project’s website.

Considering its compelling and cutting-edge use case, it is no surprise that the team is highly skilled, with experiences spanning decades in some of the most forward-thinking industries like blockchain, finance, and technology.

However, such a promising project is unlikely to remain in presale for long, and its 3x growth between now and its listing price only furthers this. Therefore, potential investors must act quickly or face missing the current low $COGW price.

Visit the Cogwise website and connect your Ethereum-compatible wallet to buy the presale. The website accepts ETH and USDT payments.



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