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Should You Invest In Artificial Liquid Intelligence? Exploring The Marriage Between NFTs And AI



Key takeaways

  • With Microsoft’s surprisingly high investment of $10 billion into OpenAI (the startup behind the revolutionary ChatGPT) during economic uncertainty, AI-related tokens have increased in value
  • While cryptocurrency and the blockchain exploded in popularity during the last few years, the hype is now about artificial intelligence. Crypto and AI offer a unique long-term investment opportunity
  • Artificial liquid intelligence (ALI) is the utility token from the Alethea blockchain, where the company has created intelligent NFTs as they attempt to combine generative AI and blockchain technology

Ever since the AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT hit the market late last year, there has been plenty of hype surrounding the field of artificial intelligence. Over the years, news sources hinted at a future strongly influenced by AI and machine learning. Still, we hadn’t experienced its power first-hand until generative AI products like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 became available to the general public.

When hype hit the market about Microsoft investing $10 billion into OpenAI, many AI-related stocks and cryptocurrency coins shot up in value as investors started to bet on this sector. The Alethea artificial liquid intelligence (ALI) token shot up 136% on this news.

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What is Alethea’s artificial liquid intelligence?

Artificial liquid intelligence is the cryptocurrency token from the Alethea AI network. The company is focusing on becoming a research and development studio for combining generative AI and blockchain technology.

Alethea AI is a decentralized protocol for creating smart avatars that utilize AI technology to allow characters to interact with people. According to the official website, Alethea has made the following a priority when it comes to generative AI and the blockchain:

“Our mission is to use these technologies to enable decentralized ownership and democratic governance of AI.”


The company has made it a goal to unlock the full potential of AI for humanity as a whole since Alethea AI has been combining the power of AI into NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The platform has created a new type of NFT called intelligent NFTs (iNFT), which allows users to create an NFT embedded with AI animation, voice recognition, and generative AI abilities. Developers on the platform can utilize the iNFT protocol to create, design, train, and earn from their creations on the Alethea metaverse, known as Noah’s Ark.

These iNFTs are unique in that Alethea AI is the first company to take the merger of AI And NFTs to the next level by offering intelligent assets with personality traits and the ability to grow and improve based on the data they consume.

The unique connection between iNFTS and AI

An NFT represents a unique digital asset or some sort of collectible. These projects are hosted on the blockchain to create a permanent and publicly listed record of ownership. Developers from Alethea believe that the intelligent metaverse, Noah’s Ark, will allow users to connect NFT projects with AI to offer new products. NFTs can represent a unique image or product or be treated as an investment vehicle.

Mark Cuban invests in Alethea

It’s worth mentioning that Mark Cuban is one of the original backers of Alethea, as he participated in the company’s $16 million private token sale of intelligent NFTs for the metaverse back in 2021. At the time, Cuban was quoted as saying:

“While NFTs have continued to be exciting for collectors, I always try to invest in what is coming next. Alethea AI has managed to uniquely combine AI-powered Avatars that are secured on-chain as NFTs. The result is not only fun and entertaining but the foundation for a level of interactivity that is going to advance quickly using Alethea’s technologies.”

What’s new with Alethea AI?

Alethea AI recently introduced the newest innovation, which is CharacterGPT. According to a tweet sent out by Alethea AI’s official account, here’s what makes this innovation unique:

“Alethea AI’s CharacterGPT is the world’s first multimodal generative AI system that enables the creation of interactive AI Characters from a prompt in natural language. It enables text-to-character generation to create unique, intelligent and tokenizable IP characters.”


The revolutionary AI system, CharacterGPT, lets users create their own interactive character with a unique appearance, voice, intelligence, and personality. Once your character is tokenized, you can work on its personality, train its intelligence abilities, and use it across other dApps on the AI protocol.

This is the most recent step from Alethea as they attempt to bring ownership to generative AI. It’s worth mentioning that the first iNFT, Alice, was auctioned at Sotheby’s back in June 2021 for $478,000.

Should you invest in the ALI token?

The Alethea artificial liquid intelligence token (ALI) has made headlines lately due to the rising popularity of generative AI as new products are released to the public.

According to CoinGecko, ALI is ranked number 237 by market cap, which is over $132 million. The price has increased by 300.2% in the last 30 days, and the current value is down 81.6% from the all-time high ALI reached last April.

While the token has seen its price surge lately due to the buzz surrounding generative AI, the crypto market has been extremely volatile over the past year. It’s important to stress that purchasing tokens on decentralized exchanges isn’t as simple as buying stocks on your mobile device just yet.

The merging of NFTs, crypto and AI

While NFTs turned many heads last year, the topic has slowed down tremendously in the last few months, while AI now garners more attention. With the launch of DALL-E 2, it feels like it’s a natural transition to use AI-generated art from a text prompt in NFT projects. Since users of DALL-E 2 are granted a creative commons license for the use of the images, these pictures could be used for NFT-related artwork.

When considering investing in NFTs, it’s important to consider recent market performance. Last year, the NFT market brought in about $24.7 billion of organic trading volume across all blockchains and marketplaces. According to DappRadar, this is a slight dip from the $25.1 billion total from 2021 when interest in the NFT space shot up.


What’s the connection between crypto and AI?

Cryptocurrency and AI offer several interesting integrations. Here are a few ways crypto and AI could connect moving forward.

  • Risk protection: Investing in cryptocurrency tokens can be much riskier than traditional stocks. However, AI can protect investors from catastrophic losses with algorithmic trading capabilities.
  • Fraud detection: The blockchain has issues with fraud and scams due to the anonymous nature of the technology. AI can detect discrepancies and spot possible fraudulent activity to prevent theft. Since AI can identify trends and make rapid decisions with a plethora of data, it’s clear that this technology can improve the crypto space.
  • Compliance and security: Banks already use AI and machine learning in their security processes. Financial companies can use AI to spot security concerns on the blockchain. The crypto space needs an additional layer of security to protect users.
  • Sentiment analysis: When AI tools connect to the correct data sources, such as news articles and social media commentary), they can estimate public sentiment on a particular cryptocurrency token or project.

How should you be investing?

While tokenizing AI seems like the next natural step for blockchain technology and the recent advancements in machine learning, we’re still far away from mass adoption. After seeing losses in the cryptocurrency and NFT marketplace in the last year, many hesitate to invest in this space.

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This Crypto Investment Kit utilizes our AI to predict future performance and volatility for the coming week for various crypto trusts. The AI then uses these predictions to find the optimal asset mix on a risk-adjusted basis. Your portfolio is also automatically rebalanced accordingly.

The bottom line

You can invest in artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency in many ways if you want to allocate funds in this direction. However, savvy investors understand the short-term and long-term risks of investments in emerging technologies. When you understand how crypto and AI come together, you may decide they deserve a coveted space in your portfolio.

Source: Forbes


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