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Five Below CEO says the low-end consumer is feeling significant financial strain



Inflation is still affecting consumers in the country, according to Five Below CEO Joel Anderson. Lower-income customers are particularly feeling the strain, leading the discount retailer to focus on delivering value and improving its offerings to adapt to changing consumer behavior. Despite issuing soft revenue guidance for the second quarter and the rest of the year, Five Below is working on making changes to better meet consumer needs.

Consumers are becoming more discerning with their spending, opting to purchase products based on necessity rather than luxury. Five Below has seen an increase in sales in consumable categories such as food, candy, and beauty products, indicating a shift in consumer preferences. The company’s in-store shop, Five Beyond, which offers products priced over $5, has performed well among lower-income households, showing that consumers are willing to spend more when they see the value in the products.

While there are indications that the U.S. economy is improving, consumer sentiment remains low. The University of Michigan Survey of Consumers showed a drop of more than 10% in consumer sentiment in May, with over half of Americans wrongly believing that the country is in an economic recession. Anderson emphasized that consumers are feeling the impact of inflation across various categories, such as food, fuel, and rent, forcing them to be more cautious with their discretionary spending.

Despite challenges posed by inflation and shifting consumer behavior, Five Below is working on strategies to improve its performance in the second half of the year. The company is focused on delivering value to customers and enhancing its product offerings to better meet consumer needs. Despite a drop in revenue in the first quarter and soft guidance for the future, Five Below is optimistic about making changes to improve its performance.

Shares of Five Below have plummeted nearly 11% following the soft revenue guidance and underperformance in the first quarter. The company’s stock price hit a new 52-week low during trading, and is down more than 44% in 2024. However, Five Below remains committed to adapting to changing consumer behavior and delivering value to its customers. The company’s focus on consumable categories and offering products priced above $5 has shown promising results, indicating that consumers are willing to spend more when they see the value in the products.

In conclusion, while inflation continues to impact consumers and lower-income households, companies like Five Below are working on strategies to navigate these challenges and adapt to changing consumer behavior. By focusing on delivering value, improving product offerings, and understanding consumer preferences, companies can better position themselves in the market and drive growth. Despite economic uncertainties and low consumer sentiment, there are opportunities for companies to innovate and thrive in today’s rapidly changing retail landscape.

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