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20 Refreshing Drinks for When You Just Can’t Sip Any More Water



You might already be dreaming about mugs of hot apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes. But we’re not there yet. It’s still cool beverage season, and some refreshing drinks are just what we need to get us through summer’s final (we hope) wave.

This time of year, water alone won’t really cut it. You’ve been guzzling from that reusable bottle all season long, and even the usual tips like adding a squeeze of lime or stirring in some muddled berries may not be bringing you much joy.

DIY drinks like agua frescas, lemonades, flavored iced teas, and even some iced coffees can deliver the invigoration you so desperately need right now. And they’re actually not a lot of work. Most involve blending a few basic ingredients (think fruit or herbs) for a quick minute, or at most, steeping stuff in a pitcher while you’re doing other things (working, sleeping, whatever).

So even if you have a lot going on, you really can be a person who makes their own refreshing drinks. And you totally should! Not only are they hydrating and delicious—they also turn sweaty nonevents like sitting on your porch or a park bench into legit activities that feel cool, comfortable, and fun. Here are 20 simple refreshing drink recipes to get you started. Make them all before sweater season starts!

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