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22 Freezable Soup Recipes That Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long



When the temperatures start to drop, meal prepping a bunch of freezable soup recipes is an easy way to ensure that you always have a quick and warm meal on hand. Rather than having to dice and slice veggies when your hands are still numb from outside, a frozen soup will be ready to eat (and heat you up) after just a quick spin in the microwave. 

Soups are especially ideal for freezing because they contain a lot of liquid. As this liquid solidifies, it forms a protective layer for the other ingredients and prevents them from getting dried out or freezer-burnt in icy conditions. As long as the whole kit and caboodle is stored at below-freezing temperatures and in an airtight container, your soup should retain its original quality all winter long.

The truth is, this logic applies to almost every kind of soup (save for the varieties that are intended to be eaten fresh, like gazpacho). That includes everything from meat-filled freezable soups and stews to vegan lentil numbers. And the best part is that a single soup recipe typically makes a ton of servings, so you can easily have meals for weeks from just one bubbling pot.  

For the best results when reheating, try to transfer your soup to the fridge 24 hours beforehand so that it has enough time to fully defrost. If you forget to do this, know that all is not lost—but you may have to microwave or cook it on the stovetop for a bit longer.

Winter is coming (and depending on where you live, it may have already made its unofficial debut) so do yourself a favor and fill your freezer with one (or several) of these 22 freezable soups. With options for just about every dietary restriction, including vegan and gluten-free recipes, there’s something on this list for everyone. Some of these recipes may need to be paired with additional food, like a source of carbs, to be truly filling, but many are already jam-packed with all the nutrients you need to feel full and cozy.

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