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6 Black Friday Meal Kits Deals 2021: Home Chef, Blue Apron, Gobble, Green Chef, HelloFresh



The Deal: Save $60 ($20 spread over three deliveries) and receive a free gift with every delivery until you cancel your subscription.

Dates: Ends November 30.

Why It’s Worth It: Hungryroot, a SELF Certified meal and food delivery service, is a one-stop shop for meals, snacks, and groceries. Your monthly subscription gives you a set amount of credits that you can use in its grocery section or recipe section. The recipe section is similar most other meal kit experiences: You choose a dish, and Hungryroot provides all the necessary ingredients and a recipe guide. 

But Hungryroot goes above and beyond, allowing you to modify each meal to fit your tastes. For example, let’s say the Mediterranean Chicken Thighs + Sautéed Veggies catches your eye, but you’d prefer a different meat choice. You can click the recipe and swap out the chicken thighs for grass-fed beef meatballs, Beyond meatballs, or zucchini falafels. This easy-to-edit approach gives you a bespoke experience, and the ability to tailor meals so you’re truly love them. You can also swap out different types of noodles and sauces, as well. All the recipes are simple to follow, with minimal steps, and many meals are ready in less than 10 minutes. You can choose your portion sizes for two or four people.

In addition to meals, you can buy individual grocery items and snacks in the grocery section. Hungryroot consults chefs and customization experts for its well-stocked array of food that covers pretty much all your bases for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between (like tea time and snack time). There are Hungryroot-branded food staples as well as lots of other grocery items that you’d find in a fancy grocery store. 

That includes lots and lots of building blocks for diets that have specific needs or exclusions, from plant-based proteins like Beyond Meat to wheat alternatives like Banza pasta. And if you’re a meat lover or omnivore, don’t feel too left out. Hungryroot also offers a nice selection of lunch meats, chicken sausage, patties, wild-caught fish, and more. Other notable add-ons include a pantry section filled with Pukka teas, Purely Elizabeth granola, and pancake mixes—they really do have everything! 


Cost: $60 to $129 for weekly meal plans, plus $7 for shipping.

Availability: Nationwide.

Source: Self

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