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The 22 Best Meal Prep Containers on Amazon, According to Thousands of 5-Star Reviews



Whether you’re dipping your toes into the world of meal prepping or you’ve been a champion meal prepper since your early school days, keeping the best meal prep containers in your kitchen is key to stress-free food prep. This kitchen tool is the ultimate meal prep essential so shopping for the right one should get you excited to come home and cook.

The ultimate goal of buying a meal prep container is avoiding the horror depicted in many a 2000s-era food storage container infomercial. You know, when a mountain of mismatched plastic containers come tumbling down as soon as the actor opens the cabinet? The solution to this oft-dramatized, but extremely real problem is simple: Buy a few sets of versatile, sturdy food storage containers that will stand the test of time, and ditch the rest.

Take stock of what kind of containers you actually need based on the foods you typically meal prep. Would you benefit more from salad containers, stackable containers, or smaller ones with dividers? Do you use a lot of plastic baggies? Do you want something more utilitarian and takeout-esque, or are you more drawn towards sleeker, more stylish options? 

Below, we’ve scoured Amazon for the best meal prep containers (according to tens of thousands of five-star reviews) that will check all of your boxes for streamlined, simple meal planning and prepping. Each of these products has at least a 4-star rating and boasts 100 reviews or more. We also opted for containers that are made without BPAs, and plenty of eco-conscious options, too. 

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