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Ford recalls Mustang due to fire risk caused by leaking clutch fluid



Ford is recalling the 2024 Mustang due to a potential safety issue with the clutch pressure line that could lead to leaking fluid and affect the ability to shift gears in manual-equipped models. The issue involves a missing or improperly installed barrel nut that attaches the line to the firewall stud, which could cause the line to melt if it comes into contact with hot exhaust components. This could result in brake fluid leaking and accumulating under the hood near a heat source, potentially leading to smoking or a fire. In addition to difficulty shifting gears, drivers might also experience engine stalling on throttle tip-out, increasing the risk of a crash.

The problem was first brought to Ford’s attention on April 30, 2024, when the automaker received two reports of underhood fires on manual-equipped 2024 Mustangs. After inspecting the vehicles, the cause was identified as the clutch pressure line issue. Although Ford has since become aware of two additional potential fire reports and one regarding smoke, there have been no reported injuries or accidents related to the problem. Ford will be sending notifications to affected owners by mail starting on June 17, instructing them to bring their Mustang to a local dealer for inspection and repair of the clutch pressure line as necessary.

This recall serves as a precautionary measure to address the safety concern identified with the clutch pressure line in the 2024 Mustang. By inspecting and repairing the line as needed, Ford aims to prevent potential issues such as fluid leaks, smoking, or fires that could pose a risk to both the vehicle and its occupants. The company’s prompt response to the reported incidents demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its customers.

Owners of the affected 2024 Mustangs are encouraged to act upon receiving the recall notification and schedule a service appointment with their local dealer. By having the clutch pressure line inspected and repaired by a qualified service technician, owners can safeguard against potential safety hazards associated with the issue. This proactive approach will not only help prevent accidents or injuries but also ensure the continued performance and reliability of the vehicle.

In light of the potential safety implications of the clutch pressure line issue, Ford is taking proactive steps to address the problem and minimize any associated risks. By promptly notifying owners of the recall and providing instructions for inspection and repair, the automaker is demonstrating its commitment to customer safety and satisfaction. Owners of the 2024 Mustang should take immediate action upon receiving the notification to ensure the proper functioning and safety of their vehicle.

In conclusion, the recall of the 2024 Mustang due to the clutch pressure line issue underscores the importance of addressing potential safety concerns in a timely and effective manner. By following the instructions provided by Ford and bringing their vehicles in for inspection and repair, owners can help prevent accidents and ensure the continued performance of their Mustang. This proactive approach reflects Ford’s dedication to customer safety and underscores the importance of addressing safety issues promptly to safeguard both vehicles and their occupants.

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