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Former Eagles player claims ex-coach Chip Kelly was ‘awkward’ with Black players



The Chip Kelly era in Philadelphia was anticipated as a game-changer, but ended in disappointment. LeSean McCoy, the team’s star running back at the time, suggested that the relationship between players and the coach played a role in the downfall. Kelly joined the Eagles in 2013 with high expectations of revolutionizing the game with a dynamic offense. However, his tenure lasted only three years before moving on to the 49ers and then back to college football. McCoy, in a podcast with former teammate DeSean Jackson, criticized Kelly for his treatment of Black players and questionable decisions.

McCoy revealed that Kelly’s communication style was indirect, with instructions often coming through the running backs coach instead of directly from the head coach. This lack of direct engagement made McCoy question the authenticity of the feedback he was receiving. Moreover, McCoy claimed that Kelly made it difficult for players to communicate with each other, citing an incident where Kelly kept Black players away from Riley Cooper after a racial slur incident involving the receiver. These actions led McCoy to question Kelly’s handling of sensitive issues and overall player management.

The former Eagles running back also called out Kelly for his decision to release DeSean Jackson, trade McCoy for Kiko Alonso, and let Jeremy Maclin walk after a standout season. These controversial roster moves, along with Kelly’s alleged discriminatory behavior towards Black players, created a toxic environment within the team. McCoy expressed frustration with Kelly’s actions, describing the coach as being uncomfortable with dealing with Black players which ultimately contributed to the team’s underperformance during Kelly’s tenure.

Kelly’s controversial coaching methods and controversial decisions have overshadowed his brief and promising stint with the Eagles. McCoy and Jackson’s criticism shed light on the internal issues within the team during Kelly’s time as head coach. The lack of direct communication, questionable player management, and alleged discriminatory behavior marked Kelly’s tenure as a turbulent period for the Philadelphia Eagles. As Kelly continues his coaching career at Ohio State, the fallout from his time with the Eagles serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of effective leadership and communication in professional sports.

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