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Former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy discloses wife’s cause of death almost a year after her unexpected passing



Former NBA head coach Stan Van Gundy recently discussed the unexpected death of his wife, revealing that she died by suicide nearly a year ago. In an emotional interview on the “South Beach Sessions” podcast with Dan Le Batard, Van Gundy opened up about the devastating loss of his wife Kim, who passed away at age 61. He expressed his deep grief and struggle to come to terms with the fact that he will never see her again. Van Gundy shared that he never imagined living without her by his side, as they had been together for 35 years.

Despite regularly attending therapy sessions, Van Gundy continues to grapple with his personal feelings and the reality of his wife’s battle with mental illness. He acknowledged that he feels a sense of failure in not being able to prevent her tragic decision. Reflecting on their relationship, Van Gundy shared that Kim had reached a point of despair and hopelessness where she felt that life was not worth living anymore. He described her as an incredible woman who taught him valuable lessons, and he strives to honor her memory by living a life that would make her proud.

Van Gundy met Kim in 1984 at Castleton State College in Vermont, where she was a student while he served as the head basketball coach. Their 35-year marriage was filled with love and shared values, and Van Gundy expressed gratitude for the family they built together. He highlighted the importance of taking care of his loved ones and admitted to feeling a deep sense of responsibility in failing to save his wife from her inner turmoil. Despite the pain of his loss, Van Gundy is determined to carry on in a way that upholds Kim’s values and legacy.

As a well-known figure in the NBA community, Van Gundy’s candid remarks about his wife’s suicide have sparked conversations about mental health awareness and the impact of suicide on loved ones left behind. His willingness to share his experience and emotions publicly serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking support and destigmatizing discussions around mental health struggles. Van Gundy’s story sheds light on the complexity of grief and the ongoing journey towards healing after the loss of a loved one to suicide. Through his vulnerability and transparency, Van Gundy honors Kim’s memory while advocating for greater understanding and compassion for those facing similar challenges.

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