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Former President Donald Trump found guilty in hush money criminal case by jury



Former President Donald Trump has been found guilty on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in a historic hush money trial. The jury, comprised of seven men and five women, reached a verdict after five weeks of evidence and 22 witnesses testifying. This trial marks the first time a former U.S. President has faced a criminal trial, and the verdict could have significant implications on the 2024 White House race. Each of the 34 charges Trump faces carries a maximum potential sentence of up to four years in prison, with jurors having the option to convict him on all counts, acquit him on all counts, or deliver a mixed verdict.

The courtroom drama unfolded as the jury entered to read the verdict, with Trump’s allies sending well wishes and his biggest supporters hoping for an innocent verdict. Prior to the verdict being read, Trump’s supporters are already dismissing the trial as politically motivated, emphasizing the impact on the upcoming election. Despite Trump’s legal team claiming the trial is politically driven, analysts suggest that the jury’s decision could impact the outcome of the 2024 election.

As the trial unfolds, the jury’s requests for specific testimonies indicate their focus on whether Trump knew about payments made to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal and whether these payments were made to influence the 2016 election. Meanwhile, Trump’s entourage, including his son Eric Trump, lawyers, and campaign staff, gather in the courtroom, awaiting the verdict. Trump himself, visibly anxious but determined, expresses his desire to campaign, emphasizing the stakes of the trial on his political future.

As the trial progresses, Trump’s legal team attempts to build their case for an appeal, criticizing the proceedings as flawed and questioning the unanimity of the jury’s decision on the charges. The courtroom atmosphere is tense, with both sides presenting their arguments while Trump faces the possibility of a guilty verdict. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the trial, a poll suggests that a guilty verdict may not significantly impact voters’ decisions in the upcoming election.

Throughout the trial, Trump’s legal team and supporters maintain their stance on the case’s political nature, emphasizing voter concerns about the economy over the verdict’s potential impact. Trump’s unconventional defense strategies and courtroom demeanor, including his selection of tie colors and interactions with the media, offer a glimpse into his efforts to control the narrative amid the trial proceedings. Ultimately, as the jury deliberates on Trump’s innocence or guilt, the outcome of the trial remains uncertain, with implications that could shape the future of U.S. politics.

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