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Former Salesforce and Microsoft employees raise $8 million for a new AI cybersecurity startup



A new Seattle-based startup called Averlon is revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry by utilizing artificial intelligence to help overwhelmed security teams identify and prioritize high-priority security flaws and threats. The company recently secured $8 million in seed funding led by Voyager Capital, with additional backing from Salesforce Ventures, Outpost Ventures, and various security executives. Averlon was founded by Sunil Gottumukkala and Vishal Agarwal, who previously held leadership positions in engineering at Salesforce, where they witnessed the challenge that security teams face with the increasing number of alerts and vulnerabilities.

While software products designed to identify security issues have improved, they have also created a bottleneck for security teams, who are now bombarded with alerts that they struggle to manage. This influx of notifications can lead to tensions between security and engineering teams. Averlon’s innovative approach combines predictive and generative AI to assess a company’s security vulnerabilities and anticipate potential breaches, ultimately helping to fix critical issues that could lead to breaches.

The founders of Averlon bring with them decades of experience in the tech industry, with previous roles at prominent companies such as Salesforce and Microsoft. With the rise of AI and generative AI technologies in the cybersecurity space, concerns about cybersecurity threats are also growing. However, Sunil Gottumukkala remains optimistic about the potential of generative AI to enhance companies’ ability to defend themselves, stating that defenders have the advantage of context and specific data from their environments.

Averlon, founded two years ago, has already established partnerships with early adopters, some of whom have become paying customers. The company’s funding currently totals $10.5 million and they are poised for growth in the cybersecurity market. Voyager Capital Partner Austin Guyette praised Averlon for its ability to provide enterprises with a comprehensive view of potential attacks, allowing CISOs and their teams to prioritize threats, predict attacks, and take proactive measures to mitigate risks.

In addition to Averlon, other cybersecurity startups in the Seattle area, such as Dropzone AI, Oleria, and StepSecurity, have also recently secured funding, reflecting the high demand for innovative solutions in the cybersecurity sector. Overall, cybersecurity startups raised nearly $2.7 billion in 154 deals in the first quarter of the year, showcasing a growing interest and investment in technologies that can help protect companies from evolving cyber threats.

In conclusion, Averlon’s unique approach to using AI to address cybersecurity challenges is gaining traction in the industry, with its ability to prioritize threats and provide actionable insights for security teams. The company’s success in securing funding and establishing partnerships underscores the growing demand for innovative cybersecurity solutions in today’s digital landscape. As the cybersecurity industry continues to evolve, companies like Averlon are well-equipped to help organizations stay ahead of potential threats and protect their sensitive data.

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