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Four American teachers stabbed in violent attack in China



American college instructors from Cornell College in Iowa were brutally attacked in China, with four of them stabbed by a man with a knife while visiting a temple in Beishan Park in Jilin City. The victims were part of a teaching exchange program with Beihua University in China, but the motive for the attack remains unclear. Among the injured was David Zabner, whose brother, Iowa Representative Adam Zabner, confirmed his condition and expressed gratitude that he survived. Police are currently searching for Cui Dapeng, a Jilin City resident identified as a major suspect in the stabbing.

China’s Foreign NGO Management Office of the Ministry of Public Safety issued an alert on social media confirming the attack and identifying Cui Dapeng as the suspect. The victims suffered varying degrees of injuries and were taken to the hospital, but their conditions are said to be non-life threatening. Chinese officials have stated that the incident was random, but an investigation is ongoing to determine the details. The foreign ministry reassured the public that measures are in place to ensure the safety of foreigners in China despite the incident.

News of the attack was suppressed in China, with social media accounts posting foreign media reports quickly blocked and photos and videos of the incident removed. Some Weibo users questioned the censorship and its impact on foreign visitors. The educators from Cornell College were conducting a teaching exchange with Beihua University, providing American teaching methods and resources in engineering courses. The partnership program allows students to study at both institutions and receive degrees from each.

President Xi Jinping of China recently pledged to invite 50,000 young Americans to study in China to promote cultural exchanges, but a State Department travel advisory warns against travel to mainland China due to safety concerns. Despite this, China has assured that effective measures are in place to protect foreigners in the country. The incident involving the American instructors is seen as an isolated event that should not disrupt cultural exchanges between the two nations, as the number of American exchange students in China is significantly lower than Chinese students studying in the United States.

In response to the attack on the American instructors, local authorities have launched a manhunt for the suspect while the victims receive medical attention. The Iowa Representative and Cornell College officials have been in contact with the injured instructors to provide assistance during this difficult time. The incident has raised questions about censorship in China and its impact on foreign visitors, as some social media users expressed concerns about the lack of transparency in official media reports. However, the partnership between Cornell College and Beihua University continues to provide educational opportunities for students despite the unfortunate incident in China.

As the investigation into the attack continues, efforts are being made to ensure the safety of foreigners in China and to maintain cultural exchanges between China and the United States. The incident has highlighted the importance of international cooperation and understanding, even in the face of challenges and conflicts. While concerns about travel advisories and safety warnings persist, both nations are committed to fostering positive relations through educational initiatives and people-to-people exchanges.

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