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France seeks to establish itself as a major player in the global AI industry, with assistance from U.S. Big Tech companies



France is positioning itself as the next artificial intelligence superpower, as evidenced by the success of the Viva Technology conference in Paris. The French AI firm H, which recently raised $220 million in seed funding from U.S. tech giants, is just one example of the growing influence of French AI companies. France’s commitment to AI is further solidified by significant investments from companies like Microsoft and the presence of U.S. tech heavyweights at events like Viva Tech.

At Viva Tech, AI was on full display, with an entire section dedicated to AI companies and technologies. From beauty assistants to cutting-edge AI models, French companies showcased their innovative approach to AI. France’s finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, emphasized the importance of developing homegrown AI talent, despite the support from U.S. tech giants. The country’s strong AI research ecosystem, including facilities like Facebook AI Research and Google AI research hub, has positioned France as a leader in AI innovation.

Despite France’s progress in AI research and development, President Emmanuel Macron acknowledges that Europe still lags behind the U.S. and China in terms of tech leadership. Macron highlighted the need for Europe to foster more “big players” in the tech industry and praised French AI firms like Mistral and H. France is determined to bridge the gap between Europe and global tech leaders by positioning itself as a top country for AI development.

Maurice Levy, CEO of Publicis Groupe, believes that France has the potential to become a top five country for AI development, following the U.S., China, Israel, and the U.K. Levy pointed to the significant momentum surrounding French AI companies, exemplified by H’s recent funding round. Roughly 40% of the tech demos at Viva Tech were AI-related, indicating the growing importance of AI in France’s tech ecosystem.

Paris’s ambition to become a global AI hub was reinforced by meetings between President Macron and tech industry leaders like Eric Schmidt and Yann LeCun. Google’s senior vice president James Manyika highlighted the significant contributions of French engineers to Google’s AI innovation, showcasing the talent and expertise present in France’s tech sector. Despite France’s progress in AI funding, UK firms still lead in AI investment, pointing to the need for continued growth and innovation in the French tech landscape.

As Europe grapples with the balance between innovation and regulation in AI development, France has shown concerns regarding the EU’s AI Act, which aims to regulate artificial intelligence. While regulation is necessary to prevent AI from becoming too powerful, some tech executives warn that overly restrictive regulation could hinder Europe’s AI ambitions. Capgemini’s chief innovation officer Pascal Brier emphasized the importance of avoiding precautionary principles that could stifle AI development, highlighting the need for a balanced approach to AI regulation that fosters innovation while addressing potential risks.

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