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Full interview with Bruce Blakeman discussing antisemitism, gun control, and red light cameras



Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman recently sat down with CBS New York’s Marcia Kramer for an interview covering a range of topics including antisemitism, guns, and red light cameras. Blakeman is known for not shying away from controversial issues and taking strong stances on important issues facing his community.

During the interview, Blakeman spoke out against antisemitism, stating that it is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. He emphasized the importance of educating people about the harmful effects of antisemitism and promoting tolerance and understanding. Blakeman also discussed his support for stronger laws and measures to combat hate crimes and protect vulnerable communities.

On the topic of guns, Blakeman expressed his belief in responsible gun ownership and the need for stricter gun control measures. He stressed the importance of keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals and enforcing existing laws to prevent gun violence. Blakeman’s stance on gun control reflects his commitment to public safety and protecting his constituents from harm.

Blakeman also touched on the issue of red light cameras, stating that they have become a contentious issue in Nassau County. He acknowledged the concerns of residents who feel that red light cameras are being used as a revenue-generating tool rather than a safety measure. Blakeman stated that he is open to reevaluating the use of red light cameras in the county and finding alternative solutions to address traffic safety concerns.

Throughout the interview, Blakeman demonstrated his dedication to serving the community and addressing important issues facing Nassau County. He emphasized the importance of listening to the concerns of residents and working towards solutions that benefit everyone. Blakeman’s commitment to public service and his willingness to take on challenging issues make him a strong leader for his community.

In conclusion, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman’s interview with CBS New York sheds light on his stance on critical issues such as antisemitism, gun control, and red light cameras. Blakeman’s willingness to tackle controversial topics and his commitment to serving the community make him a respected leader in Nassau County. By addressing these issues head-on and advocating for policies that prioritize public safety and community well-being, Blakeman sets an example for effective and responsible governance.

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