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GeekWire Awards 2024 Winners Announced: Celebrating AI Momentum and Regional Potential



The GeekWire Awards celebrated the innovation and creativity of tech entrepreneurs in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. The event, now in its 15th year, brought together more than 60 finalists across various categories to compete for awards such as Startup of the Year, Next Tech Titan, Workplace of the Year, and more. Artificial intelligence was a prominent theme throughout the evening, reflecting the importance of this technology in shaping the future.

The event’s theme, “Land Before Tech,” paid homage to the bygone era of gadgets and technology that laid the foundation for today’s innovations. The evening featured performances and presentations that highlighted the evolution of technology over the years. From dinosaurs to outdated VHS tapes, the event aimed to showcase the progression of technology and its impact on society.

Nominations for the awards were carefully analyzed by a panel of judges, with the winners ultimately chosen by the Pacific Northwest tech community through more than 20,000 community votes. Awards were presented in various categories, including Startup of the Year, Deal of the Year, Innovation of the Year, Health Innovation of the Year, and more. Each winner had the opportunity to share their acceptance speech and express their gratitude for the recognition.

Notable winners included Pictory for Startup of the Year, Washington State Sen. Joe Nguyen for Public Policy Champion for Innovation, Electric Era for Sustainable Innovation of the Year, Rhythms for Deal of the Year, Allen Institute for AI for Innovation of the Year, CalmWave for Health Innovation of the Year, and Likewise for Workplace of the Year. Each winner expressed their appreciation for the recognition and highlighted the importance of their work in advancing technology and innovation.

The event also featured a Geeks Give Back segment, where organizations such as Coding for Cancer, Housing Connector, and were honored for their contributions to the community. These organizations are making a difference through their innovative approaches to addressing key issues in healthcare, homelessness, and disinformation. Their speeches emphasized the importance of using technology for social good and making a positive impact on society.

Overall, the GeekWire Awards celebrated the achievements of tech entrepreneurs and innovators in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. The event showcased the ongoing advancements in technology, particularly in areas such as artificial intelligence, sustainability, healthcare, and design. The winners and honorees represented a diverse range of industries and initiatives, reflecting the vibrant and dynamic tech ecosystem in the region.

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