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GeekWire’s Top Stories of the Week: May 19, 2024



This past week’s tech and startup news featured a variety of interesting stories that caught the attention of GeekWire readers. One story that stood out was a new ranking of the top 1,000 largest cities in the world, which included Seattle among elite company due to its strong economic standing, driven by its tech sector. This recognition highlights Seattle’s position as a global technology hub.

Another hot topic was a new complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission regarding fees that Uber and DoorDash added to customer orders in Seattle after the implementation of a minimum wage law earlier this year. The complaint raises concerns about the impact of these fees on consumers and the need for further investigation.

In the realm of artificial intelligence, Microsoft unveiled plans to test the limits of AI in group collaboration with a new AI assistant that will help keep meetings on track, take collaborative notes, manage large projects, and assign tasks. This development showcases Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to leverage AI in various aspects of its business.

Additionally, a new Seattle-area startup is using AI to assist security teams in identifying high-priority security flaws and mitigating threats. This innovative approach aims to streamline security processes and improve overall cybersecurity measures for organizations.

On a lighter note, there was speculation about the possibility of building an AI summer intern, raising questions about the potential future role of AI in the workplace. This concept underscores the growing influence of AI technology in various industries and its potential to revolutionize traditional work practices.

Finally, Microsoft showcased new integrations between its Copilot AI technologies and its Windows PC operating system, as well as previewed a new class of personal computers designed to enhance AI capabilities within its software platform. These advancements demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to integrating AI technologies into its products and services to enhance user experiences.

In conclusion, the past week’s tech and startup news featured a range of intriguing developments in the world of technology and artificial intelligence. From Seattle’s economic strength to Microsoft’s innovative AI initiatives, these stories highlight the ongoing evolution and impact of technology on various industries and aspects of our daily lives. Stay informed and stay tuned for more exciting updates in the weeks to come.

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