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Golf Channel reporter mistakenly interviews football coach she mistook for Vince Young



During this week’s BMW Charity Pro-Am in South Carolina, The Golf Channel believed they had scored an interview with former NFL quarterback Vince Young. However, it turned out that the person being interviewed was actually Everette Sands, a former football player at The Citadel who is now an offensive skill specialist. Withrow, the inside-the-ropes reporter, had no idea that she was not talking to Young. Sands played along with the mistake, discussing the biggest shift from football to golf and reflecting on the interesting moment later on.

When Withrow kicked off the interview by reciting Young’s accolades, Sands quickly corrected her, letting her know that she had the wrong person. Despite the mix-up, Sands gracefully answered the questions and discussed the competition aspect of golf. Sands mentioned that Withrow had introduced herself as wanting an interview with “Vince,” which led to the confusion. Sands’ playing partner, Ryan Leaf, praised him for his patience and generosity during the mishap, highlighting Sands’ character and professionalism in handling the situation.

On her Instagram story, Withrow acknowledged the mistake and mentioned that she will learn from it moving forward. The incident serves as a reminder to always double-check and confirm the identities of individuals before conducting interviews, especially in a live setting. Despite the mix-up, Sands handled the situation with grace and humor, showcasing his professionalism and sportsmanship during the unexpected turn of events.

The mishap at the BMW Charity Pro-Am highlights the importance of thorough preparation and research in conducting interviews, especially in high-pressure situations. While the mix-up may have initially caused confusion, Sands’ composure and professionalism turned it into a lighthearted moment. The incident also sheds light on the unpredictable nature of live events and the need for quick thinking and adaptability in the world of sports reporting.

As Withrow and Sands reflect on the interview mix-up, it serves as a learning opportunity for both parties. Sands’ ability to roll with the punches and handle the situation with grace is a testament to his character and experience in the world of sports. Moving forward, proper verification and confirmation of identities will be crucial in ensuring accurate and successful interviews, preventing similar mishaps from occurring in the future. Despite the unexpected turn of events, the incident at the BMW Charity Pro-Am provided a moment of humor and reflection for all involved.

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