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GOP Representative urges Biden to condemn and refuse money from progressive organizations supporting anti-Israel demonstrations



Republican Congressman Darrell Issa recently expressed his concerns about the rise of anti-Semitism within the Democratic Party, pointing to the ongoing anti-Israel protests nationwide that have been fueled by progressive donors, including George Soros. Issa told Fox News Digital that it would be a “huge help” if President Biden disavowed and rejected donations from these groups. He emphasized that the tepid response from Democrats to the protests exemplifies the party’s shift away from supporting Israel and combating anti-Semitism.

Issa highlighted the significant funding that progressive donors like George Soros have provided to Democratic Party members, including President Biden, as well as to groups associated with the anti-Israel protests on college campuses. The congressman criticized the Democrats’ failure to address the issue, pointing to the growing influence of progressive voices like The Squad within the party. Issa expressed deep disappointment in President Biden’s response to the protests, suggesting that his efforts to placate both sides may have inadvertently fueled anti-Semitism within the party.

According to Issa, President Biden’s delayed on-camera remarks about the anti-Israel violence on college campuses allowed the situation to escalate. He stressed the need for decisive action from the president to address the civil disobedience that transforms into violence, labeling it as a federal issue. Issa drew parallels between the current protests and the unrest during the Vietnam War era, warning that history may be repeating itself if swift action is not taken.

As someone who experienced the aftermath of the Kent State University shootings in 1970, Issa expressed concerns about the inability of authorities and officials to effectively manage the anti-Israel protests on college campuses. He noted that the elite in academia are often complicit in promoting anti-Semitism and are hesitant to enforce necessary measures to curb violence. Issa commended governors like Youngkin in Virginia for taking decisive action to address the protests, contrasting their approach with the slow response in California.

Issa criticized the lack of response from the White House on the issue of anti-Israel protests, signaling a broader trend of inaction within the Democratic Party. He lamented the party’s departure from its historical support of Israel and suggested that real anti-Semitism is condoned within the Democratic ranks. Issa urged for stronger leadership from President Biden to address the escalating violence and underscored the importance of swift and decisive action to prevent further unrest on college campuses.

In conclusion, Darrell Issa’s remarks shed light on the growing concerns about anti-Semitism within the Democratic Party and the need for leadership to address the escalating anti-Israel protests across college campuses nationwide. The congressman’s criticism of President Biden’s response highlights the urgency of the situation and the potential consequences of inaction in combating anti-Semitic sentiments. Issa’s call for a firm stance against progressive donors fueling the protests underscores the broader challenge of combating rising anti-Semitism within American politics.

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