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GREG GUTFELD: The Democrats chose a candidate with a shorter lifespan than fresh deli meat.



President Biden’s physical and mental aging is a hot topic nowadays, with Fox News host Greg Gutfeld pointing out his apparent signs of deterioration on his show “Gutfeld!” Gutfeld highlighted how the President is displaying signs of wear and tear and struggles with meetings, relying on note cards and speaking softly. The Wall Street Journal also reported on Biden’s difficulties, noting that he often closes his eyes for extended periods, forgets details of his policies, and relies on note cards. The article also mentions that officials have called the Journal to deny these claims, but the truth seems apparent to both Republicans and Democrats who have been in meetings with Biden.

The article raises concerns about Biden’s ability to serve as President, with many considering him unfit for the role. Gutfeld suggests that the Journal piece was released at this moment to give a green light to individuals who may have hesitated to vote for Trump, implying that Biden’s declining health makes him a bigger risk. The article argues that Biden’s deteriorating condition is a more significant concern than any past controversies surrounding Trump, even prompting Democrats to consider him a bigger danger. The message is clear: Biden’s increasing frailty makes him a risky choice for President.

The discussion around Biden’s health and competence is compared to the former President Donald Trump, with the article suggesting that Biden’s decline puts him at a greater risk than Trump. It highlights how Democrats and Republicans alike have concerns about Biden’s mental and physical well-being, with his inability to remember policies and follow meetings leading to doubts about his capacity to lead the country. The article presents a comparison between the two candidates, pointing out that despite past concerns about Trump, Biden’s current condition makes him a more significant threat.

The article emphasizes the severity of the situation, comparing Biden’s abilities to those of a person in a state of mental decline. It raises questions about the choice between a candidate who can stand trial and one who struggles to complete a sentence, suggesting that Trump may not be the greater risk in this scenario. The article urges readers to consider the implications of voting for a President who may not be mentally or physically capable of fulfilling his duties, highlighting the potential dangers of having a leader who is in decline.

In conclusion, the article suggests that Biden’s declining health makes him a risky choice for President, emphasizing the importance of considering the consequences of electing a leader who may not be mentally or physically fit for the role. It compares Biden’s abilities to those of Trump, suggesting that despite past controversies, Biden’s current condition poses a more significant threat. The article urges readers to think carefully about who they choose to vote for in the upcoming election, pointing out the dangers of having a leader who may not be capable of effectively governing the country.

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