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Hamas fires rockets at Tel Aviv



Israel has stated that eight rockets were fired from Gaza towards central Israel, including Tel Aviv. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, with rockets prompting sirens to sound in Tel Aviv for the first time in several months. The Israeli military intercepted several rockets launched from the Rafah area in southern Gaza, despite an order from the International Court of Justice to halt operations. Sirens sounded in around 30 areas across central Israel, including Tel Aviv, with reports of light injuries due to the attack. Hamas’s military wing, the Qassam Brigades, said that the rockets were launched in response to “Zionist massacres against civilians”.

Israel’s ground assault in Rafah, located 100km south of Tel Aviv, aims to root out Hamas battalions and rescue hostages but has worsened the plight of civilians and caused international outcry. Israeli strikes killed at least five Palestinians in Rafah, with tanks launching attacks near the main southern crossing point into Egypt. Despite the Israeli military’s claims of clearing the area from Hamas fighters, the rocket attack has raised questions about their operations in Rafah. Over the previous 24 hours, Israel destroyed “over 50 terror targets across Gaza”, indicating ongoing military aggression.

Political analyst Akiva Eldar suggested that the Hamas rocket attack on Israel could enable Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to portray himself as a victim and justify continued military operations in Rafah. The attack may provide Netanyahu with the rationale to go deeper into Rafah to achieve “total victory”. The conflict has resulted in thousands of casualties, with Palestinian health officials in Gaza reporting at least 35,984 deaths. The operation was launched in response to Hamas-led attacks on southern Israeli communities, resulting in the seizure of hostages and numerous fatalities.

The escalation of rocket attacks on Tel Aviv by Hamas has reignited tensions in the region, prompting Israeli air defence systems to intercept several projectiles. Despite efforts to halt military operations in Rafah, Israel’s continued assault has led to civilian casualties and sparked international outrage. The conflict highlights the ongoing struggle between Israel and Hamas, with both sides engaging in aggressive tactics to assert dominance in the region. The latest rocket attack has raised doubts about the effectiveness of Israel’s military operations in Gaza and their ability to prevent further violence.

The Israeli military’s aggressive actions in Rafah have been met with resistance from Hamas, leading to a cycle of violence that has claimed the lives of innocent civilians on both sides. The barrage of rockets fired at central Israel, including Tel Aviv, underscores the volatile nature of the situation and the urgent need for a peaceful resolution. As the conflict escalates, the international community must step in to mediate and prevent further bloodshed. Israel’s continued military operations in Gaza and the latest rocket attacks highlight the complex and dangerous dynamics at play in the region, underscoring the need for a comprehensive and sustainable solution to achieve lasting peace.

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