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Hamas Hostage Noa Argamani Freed: Embraces Father After 8 Months of Captivity, Ready to Reunite with Dying Mother



Noa Argamani, who was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7, was rescued after spending 245 days in captivity in Gaza. She was among four hostages rescued in a dramatic firefight with IDF forces. Noa, 26, was reunited with her father on his birthday, marking the first time they had seen each other since her capture. Noa’s mother, Liora Argamani, who has stage 4 cancer, has been praying to see her daughter again. Noa hopes to be able to see her mother soon now that she is back home.

The emotional scenes of Noa reuniting with her father were captured on video, showing her hugging him and expressing relief during a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The rescue operation was the largest and most successful of the ongoing war, with more than 130 hostages still believed to be in captivity. Noa’s release was met with jubilation, but there are still calls for the remaining hostages to be brought home.

The rescue operation took place in two separate locations in Gaza, with the hostages being rescued by IDF, ISA, and ‘Yamam’ forces. Noa’s boyfriend, Avinatan Or, who was also kidnapped from the Supernova festival, is still believed to be in captivity. The operation was met with fierce opposition from Hamas, who labeled it a failure and reported civilian casualties. The world continues to watch as the conflict in Gaza escalates.

Noa’s mother, Liora Argamani, who is battling stage 4 brain cancer, has been pleading for the return of her daughter. She has made emotional pleas to US President Joe Biden to allow her to see Noa one last time before she passes away. The rescue of Noa and the other hostages marks a significant milestone in the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The pressure is mounting on Israel to reach a ceasefire and find a way to bring all remaining hostages home.

The rescue operation has seen intense air strikes and ground assaults in Gaza, resulting in dozens of casualties. The Israeli military has targeted terrorist infrastructure in the Nuseirat area, where the hostages were rescued. The situation in Gaza remains volatile, with reports of civilian casualties and widespread destruction. The international community is calling for an end to the conflict and the swift return of all hostages.

Noa’s story has captured the attention of the world, with images of her kidnapping and release circulating widely. The rescue operation was met with relief and hope for the remaining hostages still in captivity. The ongoing conflict in Gaza continues to draw international attention and calls for peace. The release of Noa and the other hostages is a step towards finding a resolution to the crisis and bringing an end to the suffering of all those involved.

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