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Hannah Ellis shares advice she received from her “Kentucky Sister” Carly Pearce



Hannah Ellis, a rising star in the country music industry, has found a mentor and dear friend in fellow country singer Carly Pearce. The two have known each other for many years, and Ellis often turns to Pearce for advice and guidance. Pearce has helped Ellis navigate professional milestones, offering valuable tips and pointers during her radio tour. Ellis released her debut album, That Girl, in January, which features personal stories that resonate with listeners and allow them to connect with the music on a personal level.

Ellis’s music is a reflection of her own experiences, but she believes that listeners can find their own stories within her songs. She is passionate about creating music that speaks to people and is thrilled to see how her debut album has resonated with fans. As she continues to tour and perform live, she is excited to share her music with audiences across the country. Ellis believes that country music becomes even more relatable as fans get older, as the themes of heartbreak, love, and resilience are universal experiences that everyone can connect with.

Looking ahead to her upcoming tour dates, Ellis is particularly excited about shows in the Carolinas, where she will be performing alongside Niko Moon and Carly Pearce. She is grateful to have Pearce as a dear friend and fellow musician by her side as she continues to make her mark on the country music scene. With Pearce’s guidance and support, Ellis is confident in her ability to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come her way in the industry. Through their friendship and shared love of music, Ellis and Pearce are proving that women in country music can stand together and support each other in their careers.

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