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Here’s a Guide on How to Enter Your Shoes for the 2024 SELF Sneaker Awards



The 2024 SELF Sneaker Awards are approaching, and SELF editors are on the lookout for the best new kicks on the market. Brands are invited to submit their top sneaker styles for consideration in a variety of categories, including road racers, hiking boots, gym-worthy sneakers, and more. To be eligible, a style must have launched between August 1, 2023, and August 1, 2024, with earlier styles that have been re-released or improved also being considered. Brands are asked to submit no more than five styles and to prioritize their top releases.

To submit a shoe for consideration, brands can fill out a form for each style they wish to enter. There is no need to ship the shoes for testing at this time, as the SELF editors will review the submissions and reach out to the brand for any shoes they would like to test. It is important to note that products sent for testing cannot be returned, so brands should keep this in mind when submitting. If submitting products is a hardship for a brand, they can reach out to SELF for potential solutions.

The categories of sneakers that will be tested include running sneakers for road, trail, and race day, hiking sneakers and boots, athleisure/lifestyle sneakers, walking sneakers, supportive shoes for those on their feet all day, water shoes, weightlifting sneakers, HIIT and cross-training sneakers, indoor and outdoor cycling shoes, and tennis/pickleball shoes. Submissions are due by Wednesday, May 8 at 12 p.m. ET, and the SELF team is eager to see what brands will submit.

The 2024 SELF Sneaker Awards are a great opportunity for brands to showcase their top sneaker styles in a variety of categories. With the chance to have their shoes tested by SELF editors and potentially be recognized as the best in their category, brands have a valuable opportunity to gain exposure and recognition in the competitive sneaker market. By following the eligibility guidelines and submitting their top styles, brands can increase their chances of being featured in the awards.

For brands looking to participate in the 2024 SELF Sneaker Awards, the submission process is simple and straightforward. By filling out a form for each style they wish to enter, brands can ensure that their top releases are considered for testing and potential recognition. With categories ranging from running sneakers to weightlifting shoes, there is a diverse range of styles that can be submitted, giving brands the opportunity to showcase their versatility and innovation in the sneaker market.

The 2024 SELF Sneaker Awards are a highly anticipated event for both brands and consumers, as they highlight the best new kicks on the market. By participating in the awards, brands can gain valuable exposure and recognition for their top sneaker styles, potentially leading to increased sales and brand awareness. With the deadline for submissions approaching, brands are encouraged to submit their top styles for consideration in the various categories, with the chance to have their shoes tested by SELF editors and potentially be recognized as the best in their category.

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