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How Federal Agents Protect Candidates During Mexico’s Violent Election Season



In a world where political campaigns can be dangerous, security is a top priority for candidates. LeBaron, a politician, was initially hesitant about having a security team but now relies on Agent Ayala for safety. The security team is always on alert, ready to protect LeBaron from any potential threats. However, there are times when the team must stand down, such as when campaigning in remote areas where the National Guard could provoke cartels.

During a campaign event, Ayala’s quick thinking saved LeBaron’s wife from a falling tree branch, showcasing the team’s dedication to their jobs. The security team’s flexibility is crucial in protecting candidates like LeBaron, as plans need to be made and altered on the fly. Unlike traditional VIP protection, campaigning security requires adaptability and quick responses to changing situations.

Despite strict security protocols, not all candidates are safe. Jose Alfredo Cabrera, a candidate in Guerrero, was assassinated on the final day of campaigning despite having a National Guard security team. Ayala believes that the new protocols create security weaknesses, as they require the agents to stand at a distance from the candidates.

Ayala emphasizes the importance of being able to adapt on the road with candidates, especially when there is no set agenda. The new rules do not take this need for flexibility into account, putting candidates at risk. Ayala’s ability to adapt was put to the test during a late-night drive through a dangerous area, where armed men were patrolling the streets.

As LeBaron and his team raced back to safety, they were followed by a suspicious truck that attempted to overtake them multiple times. The National Guard agents remained vigilant, ready to protect the candidate and his wife at a moment’s notice. Despite the efficiency of the security team, there were still moments of vulnerability, such as when they had to stop for fuel in the middle of a high-speed chase.

In the end, LeBaron made it back home safely, relieved that the campaign was over. Now, all he could do was wait for the outcome of the election and see where life would take him next. The challenges faced by LeBaron and his security team highlight the dangers of political campaigning and the importance of having a dedicated and adaptable security team by your side.

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