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How I Created a Wardrobe Suitable for Endometriosis



Living with endometriosis has drastically changed the way I approach fashion and dress myself. What used to be a source of pleasure and self-expression has now become a challenging task due to chronic pain and discomfort. Wearing pants, bras, and structured clothing can feel unbearable, with fabrics feeling like fiberglass against my skin and triggering nerve pain. However, through trial and error, I have discovered ways to still look and feel good while accommodating my condition.

When it comes to pants, I prioritize comfort and flexibility. I opt for stretchy materials that do not constrict my abdomen and always buy pants one size up to avoid tight waistbands that can exacerbate pelvic pain. Bloating, a common symptom of endometriosis, also necessitates pants that can accommodate fluctuations in size throughout the day. Stretchy black pants, pencil pants, and chino-style pants with comfortable waistbands have become staples in my wardrobe.

For tops, I gravitate towards fabrics that feel good on my skin and do not trigger irritation. Cotton poplin, silk, modal, rayon, and cashmere-like knits are among my favorites. Oversized button-ups and romantic blouses from brands like Gap, Abercrombie, and Dôen allow me to feel feminine without being too constricted. When it comes to knitwear, I avoid materials like wool and linen that can cause skin reactions and opt for synthetic or cotton knits instead.

Choosing the right bras and underwear is crucial for managing vulvar pain associated with endometriosis. I prefer wireless bras that do not have seams digging into sensitive areas and opt for loose or fuller silhouette underwear. These choices help alleviate discomfort and prevent exacerbating pelvic floor dysfunction. Consulting with my physical therapist and fellow endometriosis patients has provided valuable insights into selecting undergarments that prioritize comfort and pain management.

Incorporating these clothing choices into my daily wardrobe has allowed me to regain a sense of pleasure and self-confidence in my appearance post-diagnosis. By focusing on fabrics and silhouettes that prioritize comfort and flexibility, I can still express my personal style while accommodating the challenges of living with a chronic illness. With the support of my friends and the knowledge gained from years of experience, I have learned to navigate the world of fashion with endometriosis in mind, embracing clothing choices that make me feel good both inside and out.

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