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I viewed my nightly glass of wine as ‘self-care,’ but I actually had a drinking problem.



At the age of 43, after struggling with alcohol use disorder for years, the author finally found the courage to admit she had a problem and seek help. After years of drinking wine and switching to vodka, she became increasingly secretive about her behavior, especially around her son. She longed for him to see her as a “normal mom,” but as her drinking escalated, this became more challenging. Eventually, her husband initiated an intervention, leading her to seek treatment at a detox center in April 2021.

Initially resistant to the idea of getting help, the author soon realized that she was not alone in her struggle. Moving on to rehab, she has now been sober for three years and is grateful for the support she has received. Embracing a sober lifestyle has led to numerous positive changes in her life, including improved physical health, stronger relationships, and the pursuit of personal goals she never thought possible. Seeking therapy and participating in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings have provided her with the tools to address past traumas and move forward in her recovery journey.

Recognizing that many people may not realize they have a problem with alcohol, the author began sharing her sobriety journey on TikTok in order to help others feel seen and heard. She receives messages from individuals who were also struggling with alcohol use disorder, highlighting the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding addiction and seeking support. By openly discussing her experiences, she hopes to create a space for others to share their own struggles and receive the help they need.

In reflecting on her journey to sobriety, the author emphasizes the importance of questioning one’s relationship with alcohol before serious consequences occur. Rather than waiting for a crisis to seek help, she encourages individuals to consider whether alcohol is truly benefiting their lives in a positive way. By addressing drinking habits early on, individuals can prevent further harm and improve their overall well-being. It is essential to prioritize self-care and emotional awareness when it comes to addressing substance use issues.

As a mother to a teenage son, the author also stresses the importance of having open and honest conversations about alcohol and substance use. By fostering emotional intelligence and communication skills in her son, she hopes to equip him with the tools to navigate potential challenges in the future. Encouraging self-awareness and the willingness to seek help when needed, she aims to break the cycle of addiction and promote healthy coping mechanisms within her family.

Ultimately, the author’s story serves as a reminder that recovery is possible and that seeking help is a courageous step towards a healthier and happier life. By sharing her journey and advocating for self-care and reflection, she hopes to inspire others to take control of their relationship with alcohol and prioritize their well-being. Remember, it is never too early to start questioning your drinking habits and seeking support if needed. Through self-awareness and community, healing and transformation are achievable.

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