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IDF Assumes Control of Gaza’s Entire Land Border, Elevating Israel-Cairo Tensions by Seizing Strategic Corridor between Palestine and Egypt



Israel’s military has taken control of the Philadelphi Corridor, a strategic buffer zone along Gaza’s border with Egypt, as part of its ongoing assault on the city of Rafah. This area, which has at least 20 tunnels used by Hamas for smuggling weapons and goods, has been captured to locate and destroy these tunnels. This move may strain relations between Israel and Egypt, as the Egyptian military has disagreed with Israel’s claims about the tunnels.

As the IDF continues its incursion into Rafah, thousands more troops have been sent to join existing operations, with the intention of putting pressure on Hamas in the city. The military chief spokesperson stated that the Philadelphi Corridor served as a crucial conduit for Hamas to smuggle weapons into Gaza. Over the past decade, Egypt has cracked down on these tunnels, but Hamas is believed to have maintained several access points in and out of Gaza, despite the blockade.

The deadly violence in Rafah has led to the displacement of thousands of Palestinians. The United Nations reports that 1 million people have been displaced, most of whom were already displaced from other parts of Gaza. The fighting has resulted in devastation across Gaza, widespread hunger, and a humanitarian catastrophe. Israel’s national security adviser expects the war to last for several more months as the country aims to destroy the military capabilities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Israel has faced international scrutiny over its conduct during the war. The International Court of Justice ordered a halt to the offensive in Rafah amidst accusations of genocide by South Africa. Israel has expressed its desire to dismantle Hamas’ forces in Rafah and maintain security control over the Gaza Strip indefinitely. However, it has yet to achieve its main goals of rooting out Hamas and rescuing hostages captured in an earlier attack.

Protests in support of Palestine have erupted worldwide, with some countries formally recognizing a Palestinian state. The US has warned against a full-fledged offensive in Rafah, but has not intervened to stop Israel’s advances. The US-built floating pier used for aid delivery into Gaza was damaged, complicating efforts to bring food to starving Palestinians as all land crossings into the territory are now controlled by Israel. The war began with a militant attack on southern Israel in October, resulting in significant casualties on both sides.

In conclusion, the situation in Gaza remains dire as the conflict shows no signs of abating. International pressure continues to mount on Israel, with calls for a more peaceful resolution to the conflict. The displacement of thousands of Palestinians and the devastating impact on Gaza’s infrastructure underscore the urgent need for humanitarian aid and a lasting ceasefire. The future of Gaza and the region as a whole hangs in the balance as the violence and suffering persist.

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