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Investor Victoria Greene’s Guide to Navigating the AI Boom and its Impact on Stocks, Beyond the Tech Sector



Victoria Greene, the chief investment officer of G Squared Private Wealth, is optimistic about the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on the stock market. In an interview with CNBC, she discussed how she believes the divergence between AI winners and losers will widen this year. With over $575 million in client assets under management, Greene is keeping a close watch on how companies are using AI to improve their profit margins and revenue. She emphasizes that it’s time for businesses to start making money with AI rather than just talking about its potential.

While some AI-related stocks may be selling at expensive valuations, Greene sees the use of AI as being in its “early innings” with plenty of room for growth. She points out that AI-related gains aren’t solely limited to technology stocks, highlighting the industrials sector as a promising option for long-term investments. Greene believes that the AI shift is not just a passing trend, but a fundamental change in how businesses operate and become more efficient, particularly in power infrastructure, warehouses, transportation, and power plants. Some of her top picks within the industrials sector include Quanta Services, Eaton, and Emerson Global.

Despite the initial boost Tesla received from the AI boom, Greene notes that the company is now facing challenges. Similarly, Salesforce, which recently experienced a significant drop in stock price, could be considered an AI loser according to Greene. She suggests that legacy software firms like Salesforce may be at risk for disruptions as the AI industry continues to evolve. Greene points out that companies will need to adapt to the changing landscape by implementing AI technology effectively in order to stay competitive and drive growth in the future.

Overall, Greene remains positive about the future of AI and its impact on various sectors beyond just technology. With the potential for AI to revolutionize industries such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, Greene believes that investors should be looking for opportunities to capitalize on this growing trend. As companies continue to integrate AI into their operations, those who are able to leverage the technology effectively are likely to see the greatest benefits in terms of increased efficiency and profitability. With a keen eye on emerging trends and market dynamics, Greene is confident that AI will play a significant role in shaping the future of investment strategies and portfolio management for years to come.

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