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Israel intensifies attacks on Rafah as Gaza ceasefire talks conclude without agreement



The Israeli military has intensified its attacks in Rafah and Gaza City, leading to 110,000 Palestinians fleeing Rafah. The UNRWA has described the situation as a “medieval siege” and a “scorched earth” war. With Israeli forces seizing control of the Rafah border crossing, humanitarian aid operations have been severely disrupted, leaving Gaza on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. Hospitals in Rafah are overwhelmed, with patients and staff forced to evacuate due to the ongoing attacks.

Ceasefire talks mediated by Qatar, the US, and Egypt have failed to yield a deal, with Hamas stating that the “ball is now completely” in Israel’s court. Hamas has outlined its demands for a ceasefire, including the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, the return of displaced Palestinians, and a captives-for-prisoners swap. However, Israel has raised objections to the terms proposed by Hamas, particularly the demand for a 12-week pause in fighting. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed determination to continue the offensive in Rafah despite warnings from the UN and the US.

As the conflict escalates, the UN General Assembly is set to vote on a resolution granting new rights to Palestine and calling on the Security Council to reconsider Palestine’s request for full membership. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to present a report to Congress on Israel’s conduct in Gaza, although it is unlikely to conclude that Israel has violated the terms for its use of US weapons. Despite the growing international pressure, Israel remains steadfast in its approach to the conflict in Gaza.

The situation in Gaza grows more dire by the day, with humanitarian aid operations at a standstill and hospitals struggling to treat the wounded. The ongoing attacks in Rafah and Gaza City have left many Palestinians with no way of being treated, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian crisis. With the UN urging for a ceasefire and international calls for Israel to exercise restraint, the conflict in Gaza shows no signs of abating.

Palestinian civilians are bearing the brunt of the violence in Gaza, with casualties mounting and displacement increasing. The UNRWA has warned of a looming humanitarian catastrophe if aid operations are not allowed to resume soon. As the conflict in Gaza continues, the international community must step up its efforts to bring about a ceasefire and prevent further loss of life among civilians caught in the crossfire. The fate of Gaza hangs in the balance as the conflict between Israel and Hamas shows no signs of abating.

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