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Israel’s attacks on Jenin further provoke Palestinian resistance



In a recent incident on May 21, Amr Musara, a videographer, was shot in the back by Israeli forces while reporting on Israel’s raid on the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank. Musara, along with his three Palestinian colleagues who were visibly identified as press, came under fire without warning. This aggression is not an isolated incident, as Israel has a history of targeting journalists in the West Bank, as evidenced by the deliberate killing of Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh in May 2022.

The violence in the West Bank has escalated since Israel’s war on Gaza began on October 7, with 516 Palestinians killed, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Undercover Israeli soldiers are sent to monitor areas in the West Bank before army forces arrive, leading to deadly incursions like the recent one in Jenin’s refugee camp. The destructive actions of the Israeli army, which include demolishing homes and shooting at civilians, have left many Palestinians dead, injured, or displaced.

Palestinian armed groups, such as the Jenin Brigades, have emerged as a response to Israel’s occupation and have engaged in clashes with Israeli forces during raids. These groups, which include members from Hamas, PIJ, and Fatah, have grown in response to Israel’s violent raids and the perceived collaboration of the Palestinian Authority (PA) with Israel. While some members of these armed groups are also connected to the PA security forces, they continue to engage in resistance against Israeli aggression.

Financial incentives, such as monthly salaries provided by groups like PIJ, have attracted young men from outside the camp to join armed resistance. This influx of fighters from other areas has created tensions within the community, as civilians face the repercussions of Israel’s aggressive tactics, which aim to displace Palestinians gradually from the Jenin camp. However, rather than turning against the resistance fighters, more young Palestinians are joining armed groups to defend their families and communities from Israeli raids.

Despite the ongoing violence and destruction in the West Bank, Palestinians are finding strength in their resilience and determination to resist occupation. Families of martyrs, who have lost loved ones to Israeli aggression, understand the motivations of those who join the resistance movement. As the cycle of violence continues, young Palestinians are choosing to stand up against oppression and defend their rights with dignity and pride.

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