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Jennifer Lopez Addresses ‘Negativity’ in Response to Ben Affleck Breakup Rumors and Tour Cancellation



Jennifer Lopez is currently facing rumors regarding her marriage to Ben Affleck and her recent decision to cancel her tour. Despite this, she remains positive and grateful for her fans’ support. In a message through her OnTheJLo website, she expressed her gratitude for the success of her latest Netflix movie, Atlas, which has ranked #1 worldwide. Lopez acknowledged that there may be negativity in the world but encouraged fans to focus on the love that surrounds them.

Last week, the singer announced the cancelation of her This Is Me… Live tour to prioritize spending time with her family. Fans were notified of this decision through an email, where Lopez shared her heartbreak over disappointing them. She assured fans that she would make it up to them and expressed her love for them. The cancelation comes amidst speculation about her relationship with Affleck, with sources suggesting that their differing work commitments have caused strain in their relationship.

Despite the rumors, Lopez and Affleck have been seen together at public events, indicating that they are still spending time together as a couple. They attended a graduation party for Affleck’s daughter, Violet, and Lopez was spotted showing affection towards Affleck at his son Samuel’s basketball game. This public display of unity comes after reports of Affleck moving out of their shared home, suggesting that they may be working through their issues. Fans continue to support the couple and hope for a positive resolution.

In the midst of these challenges, Lopez remains focused on her career and her fans. She continues to express gratitude for their support and to celebrate the success of her projects. With her positive attitude and loyal fanbase, Lopez is navigating the rumors and challenges with grace and resilience. As she takes time to prioritize her family and personal life, fans eagerly await her return to the stage and are hopeful for a brighter future for the beloved singer and actress.

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