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Jill Stein, presidential candidate, criticizes DNC for posting, then deleting, ‘Third Party Project Manager’ job listing.



Jill Stein, a longshot Green Party presidential candidate, criticized the Democratic National Committee for posting, and then deleting, a job for monitoring third party candidates. The “Third Party Project Manager” job posting on LinkedIn mentioned gathering information on independent and third party candidates, including ballot access progress, campaign activity, organizational strength, voter enthusiasm, and more. Potential managers would be expected to follow campaign events of third party candidates like Stein, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Cornel West, and report back to the DNC. Fox News Digital was unable to access the job posting as it was no longer active.

Stein, a physician and climate change advocate, announced her bid for the Green Party’s nomination for the 2024 presidential election last November. She criticized the broken political party system, which she described as controlled by “the two parties of war and Wall Street” that are influenced by money. Stein’s 2016 presidential bid was met with criticism from Democrats who believed she took crucial votes away from Hillary Clinton. In the 2016 election, Stein received 1.07% of the popular vote, and in 2012, she received 0.36% of the popular vote.

The job posting raised questions about the DNC’s intentions and tactics regarding third party candidates. Stein’s tweet highlighted concerns about potential infiltration and attempts to limit third party candidates’ abilities to compete. The responsibilities listed in the job posting suggest a strategy to gather information to inform the DNC’s overall assessment of independent and third party candidates, potentially impacting their ballot access and campaign activities. Stein’s reaction and the deletion of the job posting indicate a controversial and potentially unethical approach by the DNC towards third party candidates.

As a Fox News Digital breaking reporter covering crime, political issues, and more, Bradford Betz reached out to the DNC for comment on the job posting and Stein’s tweet. The DNC’s response to the criticism and concerns raised by Stein and others regarding the job posting will shed light on the party’s strategies and intentions towards third party candidates in the upcoming elections. The controversy surrounding the job posting and the implications for the democratic process and fair competition in presidential elections highlight the need for transparency and accountability in political party operations.

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