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John Oates from Hall & Oates expresses concerns about new music technology leading to a ‘crazy, scary world’



In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, John Oates, one half of the legendary musical duo Hall & Oates, expressed concern about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the music industry. Oates highlighted the possibility of AI replacing songwriters and artists, raising the alarming prospect of AI generating new music or even resurrecting deceased artists such as David Bowie. He emphasized the importance of paying attention to this emerging trend and taking steps to protect intellectual property.

Oates revealed that he has been proactive in safeguarding his solo work and music created with Daryl Hall from potential AI infringement. He commended the recent passing of the ELVIS Act in Tennessee, which aims to protect singers’ voice likenesses and prevent unauthorized use of artists’ names, voices, and likenesses through technology. Oates lauded Tennessee for taking the lead in addressing these critical issues given the state’s strong music industry presence.

While Oates acknowledged some potential benefits of AI in music creation, he remains cautious about its widespread implementation. He shared his experience of experimenting with AI for a music video concept, which did not entirely meet his expectations. Despite recognizing the innovation AI brings, Oates remains wary of its implications, particularly in reshaping the music landscape and potentially overshadowing human creativity.

Looking ahead, Oates emphasized the unforeseen possibilities AI may bring in music creation for future generations. He noted the dual-edged nature of the digital revolution, where everyone has a platform to be heard, but also faces the challenge of standing out amidst a saturated market. Oates urged artists and industry professionals to stay informed and vigilant as AI continues to evolve and impact the music industry.

In conclusion, John Oates’ insights shed light on the growing influence of AI in the music industry and the need for proactive measures to protect artists’ intellectual property. While recognizing the potential benefits of AI in music creation, Oates remains cautious about its potential to overshadow human creativity and reshape the industry. His advocacy for awareness and vigilance underscores the importance of staying informed and proactive in navigating the evolving landscape of technology in music.

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