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Judge Merchan admonishes Trump’s lawyers for failing to object more during Stormy Daniels’ testimony



Former President Donald Trump’s defense team faced criticism from Judge Juan Merchan during their motion for a mistrial, as they failed to object to Stormy Daniels’ testimony. Merchan expressed surprise at their lack of objections and rejected their motion for a mistrial. Trump’s attorney argued that Daniels changed her story, but the judge questioned why there were no objections raised during certain parts of her testimony, such as when she mentioned Trump telling her she would be stuck living in a trailer park before they had sex in 2006.

Merchan also highlighted the defense team’s failure to object to testimony about Trump not wearing a condom during the encounter with Daniels. The judge pointed out that these missed objections allowed the prosecution to ask more detailed questions about the encounter, potentially strengthening their case. The defense’s opening statement denying any sexual encounter between Trump and Daniels also opened the door for the prosecution to push for more specific details from the testimony.

Despite the defense team’s arguments that they were caught off guard by certain questions, the judge found their lack of objections puzzling. Merchan emphasized the importance of objections during testimony to ensure a fair trial for all parties involved. By failing to object to certain parts of Daniels’ testimony, the defense may have inadvertently strengthened the prosecution’s case by allowing more detailed questions that could support her credibility.

The judge’s criticism of the defense team’s handling of objections during Daniels’ testimony raises questions about their strategy in the trial. Merchan’s comments suggest that the defense may have missed opportunities to challenge or limit certain aspects of Daniels’ testimony, which could have impacted the outcome of the case. By not objecting to key details of her story, the defense may have inadvertently allowed the prosecution to build a stronger case against Trump.

Overall, Judge Merchan’s rebuke of the defense team’s lack of objections during Stormy Daniels’ testimony highlights the importance of strategic legal decisions in high-profile cases. He emphasized the need for timely objections to ensure a fair and balanced trial process for all parties involved. The defense team’s failure to object to certain aspects of Daniels’ testimony may have unintentionally bolstered the prosecution’s case and left them vulnerable to potentially damaging details that could impact the outcome of the trial. It remains to be seen how this criticism will affect the ongoing proceedings and the ultimate verdict in the case.

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