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Julian Edelman remembers awkward backstage encounter between Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick at Tom Brady’s roast



Former New England Patriots star Julian Edelman and former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe shared details of the tension-filled atmosphere before Netflix’s “The Roast of Tom Brady” on a recent podcast. Edelman revealed that coach Bill Belichick seemed excited to see his former players in the green room before team owner Robert Kraft’s arrival made the atmosphere notably tense. Bledsoe described the tension as “very, very real” but noted that Belichick and Kraft did manage to have a brief conversation during the event.

During the roast, comedian Kevin Hart encouraged Belichick and Kraft to take a shot of alcohol as a gesture of goodwill. Kraft praised Belichick as the greatest coach in the history of the game and expressed gratitude for his time coaching the team alongside Tom Brady. Belichick left the Patriots earlier this year after 24 seasons with the team, with the organization announcing a mutual decision to part ways. However, reports suggest that his relationship with Kraft had soured in recent years, potentially affecting his ability to secure another coaching job following his departure from New England.

Belichick’s coaching legacy includes leading the Patriots to six Super Bowl victories. However, the team faced challenges after Brady’s departure, with Belichick failing to win another playoff game and the Patriots finishing the 2023 season with a 4-13 record. Despite his accomplishments, Belichick’s strained relationship with Kraft may have played a role in his inability to secure another coaching position after leaving the Patriots.ESPN reported in April that Kraft contacted Falcons owner Arthur Blank following Belichick’s interview for Atlanta’s head coaching job, indicating that the coach’s trustworthiness was called into question.

The tense atmosphere at the roast was a reflection of the complex dynamics between Belichick and Kraft following the coach’s departure from the Patriots. While initial interactions in the green room appeared light-hearted, Kraft’s presence seemed to exacerbate the existing tension between the two former colleagues. The awkwardness of the situation was palpable, even prompting Edelman to comment on the potential for “fireworks” due to the strained relationship between Belichick and Kraft. Despite attempts to diffuse the tension during the roast, underlying issues between the coach and team owner remained unresolved.

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