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Kari Lake looks to the future as abortion continues to dominate the conversation in Arizona



Kari Lake, a GOP candidate for Arizona’s US Senate seat, challenged Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego to a debate on the recent abortion ban repeal. Gallego’s campaign quickly declined, stating there was nothing to debate as Lake’s record on the issue was clear. The repeal of the abortion ban has been seen as a political catastrophe for Arizona Republicans, who are now focusing on issues like immigration. Lake, who lost the 2022 gubernatorial bid, has faced scrutiny over her inconsistent stance on the ban, further complicating her efforts to unify the party.

Lake, like Trump, believes that policy should be decided at the state level and has lobbied for addressing the ban. She has expressed opposition to federal abortion bans and funding for abortions, while also praising the ban as a “great law” in the past. The ban, in place since 1864, has been a focal point of Arizona politics and Lake’s campaigns in recent years. Democrats have been pushing for its repeal, with the backing of abortion rights groups, citing it as a draconian restriction.

Despite facing questions about her stance on the abortion ban, Lake has focused on issues like housing affordability, the economy, and the border. She has been endorsed by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and prominent Senate Republicans. Lake has tried to shift the focus to other issues and has campaigned on a pro-family approach to abortion. However, she has faced criticism for her past support of the ban and the ongoing debate surrounding its repeal.

Gallego, a Marine combat veteran, has taken a more moderate approach to immigration and law enforcement policy. He has been criticized by Lake for his past support for ending cash bail and opposition to Trump’s border wall. Democrats argue that Gallego’s moderate stance makes it challenging to paint him as too far left for the state. Gallego has raised significant funds for his campaign, while Lake has faced criticism for her political missteps and divisive approach within the Republican Party.

Overall, the race for Arizona’s US Senate seat is expected to be closely contested, with both candidates facing challenges related to their stance on key issues like abortion. Lake’s inconsistent record on the abortion ban has raised questions about her candidacy, while Gallego’s moderate approach may help him appeal to a wider audience. As the campaign progresses, both candidates will continue to focus on key policy issues and appeal to voters across the political spectrum in the lead-up to the election.

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