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Keir Starmer launches Labour manifesto promising to rebuild Britain by boosting economy in all four nations, but speech interrupted by heckling climate protester who is removed from Manchester venue



Sir Keir Starmer launched the Labour Party’s manifesto in Manchester, emphasizing that creating wealth will be his top priority if he becomes Prime Minister. He highlighted policies such as recruiting more teachers, increasing NHS appointments, and enhancing border security. Starmer also capitalized on a poll that showed voters believed he outperformed Rishi Sunak in a recent leaders’ event. He emphasized the need for hope and change, stating that his manifesto represents a plan for growth and wealth creation.

During his speech, Starmer reiterated his belief that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership was rejected by the country and emphasized the need for change within the Labour Party. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the nation and expressed his commitment to rebuilding Britain through a plan for growth and economic reform. He emphasized the importance of long-term growth in raising living standards and ensuring a better future for children.

The Labour leader also took a dig at the Tories, accusing them of disregarding certain communities as sources of economic dynamism. He pledged that all Labour policies are fully funded and costed, with a focus on not raising taxes for working people. Starmer emphasized his commitment to careful financial management and ruled out tax increases for working individuals. He stated that the party aims to create wealth and reform the broken economic model if elected.

Starmer addressed a climate protester who disrupted the manifesto launch, stating that the Labour Party aims to be a party in power rather than a party of protest. He reaffirmed his focus on a long-term plan for growth, acknowledging that challenges will not disappear overnight but emphasizing the need for stability and clear steps towards progress. The manifesto launch also included pledges for additional NHS appointments, more teachers in schools, and a focus on clean energy through a new publicly-owned company.

In response to questions about tax policies, Labour clarified that they are not planning to reform council tax as a means of generating revenue. The party has ruled out raising income tax, national insurance, or VAT for working people, with a focus on other measures to drive economic growth. The manifesto launch signaled Labour’s commitment to addressing key issues such as healthcare, education, and border security while promoting wealth creation and economic reform as core priorities.

Overall, Sir Keir Starmer’s manifesto launch for the Labour Party highlighted a vision for rebuilding Britain through economic growth and wealth creation. The focus on stability, hope, and change resonated throughout his speech, emphasizing the need for long-term plans and careful financial management. By addressing key policy areas and responding to challenges such as climate protests, Labour aims to appeal to voters with a vision for a more prosperous and equitable future for all.

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