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Kel Mitchell remembers Dan Schneider yelling at him on the set of ‘All That’



Former Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell recently shared an unsettling experience from his time on the set of All That, claiming that writer Dan Schneider once screamed at him in a closet. Mitchell, who was 18 or 19 at the time, recounted the incident on Keke Palmer’s podcast, Baby, This Is Keke Palmer. He described how the dynamic on the show shifted as key production personnel left, leaving Schneider as the head writer with whom Mitchell clashed.

During a heated argument with Schneider on set, Mitchell was invited by the writer to a closet where Schneider proceeded to yell at him. Feeling uncomfortable and faced with a decision, Mitchell chose to walk away from the situation rather than engage in a confrontation. This incident adds to a growing list of negative experiences shared by former Nickelodeon stars regarding their interactions with Schneider.

Schneider, known for co-creating popular Nickelodeon shows like The Amanda Show and iCarly, has faced allegations of inappropriate behavior during his time at the network. These claims were detailed in the docuseries Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, which also touched on allegations of sexual abuse involving former dialogue coach Brian Peck. In response to the allegations, Schneider acknowledged his past behaviors and expressed regret for not treating all employees with respect.

Reflecting on his early experiences in the entertainment industry, Schneider admitted that he missed opportunities to mentor and support those who worked with him. He expressed a desire to make amends for his past actions and acknowledged the impact of his behavior on those who crossed his path. Mitchell’s account of the confrontation with Schneider sheds light on the challenges faced by young actors in the industry and the need for a respectful and supportive work environment.

As more former Nickelodeon stars come forward with accounts of their interactions with Schneider, the conversation around accountability and respect in the entertainment industry continues to evolve. Mitchell’s decision to walk away from a confrontation with the writer highlights the importance of setting boundaries and prioritizing one’s well-being in challenging situations. It is essential for individuals in positions of power to reflect on their actions and strive to create a safe and positive work environment for all involved.

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